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Seven of Wands

The Seven of Wands portrays one black wand burning a bright light within the darkness. Six wands part ways for the one flame to burn through all adversity. Seven of Wands reminds us who you are and to allow full expression of love in all you do. This is pure, bold, and vibrant self expression. Do not back down from your power. Fuel the fire that keeps you vibrant and alive. Seven of Wands shows that when everyone is saying no to your dreams and visions, you must stand firm in the inner fire of Truth. The inspiration that comes from your heart is a pure expression of the divine. This creativity shows up in infinite forms. When you are honoring your path, there may be those who try to discourage and condemn your process. Remember, those beings only do this because they do not yet have the courage to follow their own path. Continue with your work and let that fire burn brightly.

The Seven of Wands is a reminder to stay with the truth of your heart against all odds. Do not waver because of sheepish opinions. No one has lived as you. You are the only one who can feel deeply the ways you wish to move and navigate as the wild soul you are. This is the time to stand full in your earth shattering convictions and unwavering power. The freedom to carve a different path is yours to discover and explore.

Move boldly and with courage.

How you feel in this very moment is everything. If you are pining for a better tomorrow, you will always be put your life in the hands of an imagined state of joy. As you relax into this moment, you see there is an immediate content and joy ever present. When this is felt, you start living a miraculous life. When creation becomes natural, you move from present moment creativity. This springs forth in the most raw and authentic unfolding. The Seven of Wands says burn bright and stay with this power felt within. This light which burns will always guide the correct steps.

This light is universal Grace and Wisdom.

Accept only words that empower you and bring goodness into your life. If you accept what others say negatively about your life, it is only a reflection of your pwn thoughts, fears, and doubts about how you internally feel. Life is reflecting to you what you see and feel within. If someone is against how you are living and this rocks your boat, it is because you are holding judgement within about yourself. At times your freedom threatens the box another has been living in, This is their chance to open up and break free. People try to control others because they themselves feel out of control. Courage is needed for the beginning leap of faith, to do what feels intuitive and natural. Once you see that the struggles, pains, and conflicts are only ghosts, you see how carving your path is a great joy with innumerable mysteries to unveil.

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