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Seven of Swords

Six swords float above the fox, and one sword is hidden beneath him. The Fox is known as a trickster and shapeshifter. Look closely where you may be deceiving yourself, or someone close to you may be hiding part of themselves to you. This is something you have been feeling intuitively. Trust yourself wholly. Draw on your resources of discernment and increase your awareness of your current situation. Tuning into dreams can be very revealing at this time, showing you what you may not be able to see fully in the waking state. Seven of Swords calls for swift and immediate action on your current situation. The power of this card is immediate and invites you to wake up, pay attention, and act Now. Choices, friendships, relationships, work, and your individual path are at the forefront of awareness. Is there a need for immediate change or action in any of these areas? Seven of Swords calls to bring out the seventh hidden sword from under the fox. What is being hidden and how can you bring the truth of the situation to light?

Discover the deception in this card. Are these actions yours, or a close relationship to you? Discern this. If the actions of deception are arising from your own self, now you can acknowledge this and reflect on how you have been inflicting pain upon yourself and those who are close to you. You have the opportunity to create a different world right now in this very moment. Shift your internal vibration to pure love and joy. The deception present may come from another in your life. Perhaps the actions of this person have gone unnoticed and now you are seeing and feeling clearly the underlying energies within the relationship. What is present about the current circumstance that does not align with your highest values and energetic compass? Whether it is within you, or another involved, you have a choice to move the energy upward in order to bring clarity, honesty, and openness to the experience. This will allow a newfound insight to birth itself from the purity of open communion.

How are you affecting yourself and others, and how would you like to shift the energetics? Look at your inner dynamics and relationships that surround you, and feel into and contemplate if you are truly happy with yourself and your relationships. Are there energies you would like to shift within yourself or within the relationship dynamics? Do the people in your life have the same value system as you? This is a time to release relationships that no longer match your sacred values. As you release those who are no longer in alignment, you are allowing those who match you, and will rise with you to higher octaves of being to come into your life. Seven of Swords leaves you with the big decision of releasing people in your life and this will change the course of your entire path. What feels honorable and true to your soul path, and who does or does not align with your path? As you learn from your inner and outer relationships, you begin to awaken your discernment of energies, and who you can trust and welcome into your space. As your energetic space clears, you will find new opportunities, beings who are aligned with your soul work, and environments that support your growth and full expansion. Embrace the light and release what is no longer harmonic.

Seven of Swords is equally about your actions as it could be regarding another relationship in your life. As you honor your path, ask if you are being swayed in any way that does not align with you.. Be aware there are people in life with unconscious intentions of how they tread in other people’s lives. As you learn and see your own unconscious patterns, you become more aware of others’ intentions as you have stepped out of your own previous misalignment. The evidence of others’ manipulation or deception becomes obvious. At times these deceptive ways are unconscious in the one doing it. This does not excuse wrongful actions. If you feel or see something that does not feel aligned, trust your guidance above all. Speak up and use your voice. This is how we share with each other and extend the opportunity to learn, grow, and move beyond unhealthy patterns.

Be open to communicating that which you see and feel, sharing fully the subtleties that are dis-harmonic in the field. Be cautious and alert. If there is deception within yourself and you are becoming conscious of this, dive into your subconscious to uncover and uproot the energies no longer serving you. Once you have discovered these old energies and bring light to this space, your path will swiftly shift into higher vibrational alignment. If this regards a relationship you are in, know your guidance is correct. What you are feeling is coming from your higher self as a warning. Pay attention to your first internal response on the situation and know that your inner signals are prodding at your for a reason.

Take time to contemplate the actions, communications, and experiences that have occurred during this time. You know the answer already. You have not yet acted upon the evidence that is already in front of you. The invitation of the Seven of Swords is swift action. The time is now to make a move. What appears as a challenging road, will in turn become the road that is brighter, lighter, and in greater alignment with your true path. From a broader perspective, this experience will serve a higher purpose that is developing your vibrational field and preparing you for the next steps of your soul’s evolution.

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