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Seven of Pentacles

Seven of Pentacles represents heartfelt action, work related, or a creative venture in which you have been investing energy and devotion. This can go from early stages of thought process into action. There has been a vibrant energy of love throughout this endeavor. Now it is time to pause and reflect on what has been accomplished thus far. Sometimes you forget how much has bloomed because you are so involved with your project, that you cannot see how much you have actually accomplished. Because you are working on what feels in absolute alignment, whether you are in the beginning of the work, a few months underway, or a year or more engaged in the process, it is important to take time to appreciate and reflect on how far you have come. Release doubts and celebrate your journey. Your present moment alignment with love will mirror this into you in every moment.

You are always emanating with your light and creating everything you experience.

Seven of Pentacles invites you to investigate the other aspects of life. Is any area zapping energy that could be invested to your spiritual work? What areas are you playing in that do not enliven your field? Discover where you are leaking energetically and choose to stop investing yourself into what doesn’t lift you to the spaces and places you want to go. Allow yourself to be honest and transparent. Give yourself the opportunity to turn this into more energy for what you love and what serves your heart. This can be anything from internal vibration, negative self-talk, friends that drain you, food and habits that are no longer serve your highest vibration, unaligned work, and all things that zap your field. As you realize what is draining, and allow that to fall away, you are automatically communicating with life that you are ready for more of what you actually want.

You have to leave that which doesn’t serve you, before you can receive what you want.

Life responds and mirrors you in profound and immediate ways, when you allow what doesn’t serve you to fall away. Allow freedom to yourself and others to explore this. The more open you are to this exploration and to moving in the direction of pure heart, the easier you will listen to the subtle ways of your deepest self. When you extend freedom to yourself and others, you allow all to fully be as they are. Seven of Pentacles is a reminder to naturally move in the present moment, with full love, in the direction that is naturally calling you. Know that when you move in this way you cannot go wrong.

Anything that comes through you from this space, is in accordance with the harmony of the Universe.

Modern day society is built around linear time, how fast one can accomplish, and how to please the status quo. Naturally we all work at different speeds, learning lessons at different times, and each blasting away old limitations in unique ways, so we can discover our infinite nature.

When you are dancing in full love, you move with the rhythm of the entire cosmos propelling you through the galaxy, beyond time, speed, or agenda.

There is something pure about this movement. When you are honest and transparent about how you actually want to be moving in life, then you are supported in ways beyond anything you can possibly imagine. You can only experience this when you take risks and step out of your comfort to play in the realm that breathes magick.

Play it safe in linear time, where the masses are withering away in Spirit. Or, take risks and do what your heart calls for.

Take the high road.

Do what enriches you in every moment.

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