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Seven of Cups

There are seven chalices, with only one right side up, balancing on the tip of a multi-faceted cone, indicating the many perspectives at play. There is a world of possibilities, and in that realm there are many illusions. There is one chalice aligned with your Divine Will. In the background there are horizontal lines that depict grounded and stable energy. This is associated with choosing the cup that is the highest alignment with your soul’s purpose. The alternate perspectives that are depicted on the cone, are hinting to be weary of imagined illusions. Hence, the six cups hang upside-down, where only one must be chosen. There is a delicate balance when choosing. Some things that may be perceivably good choices are not the highest choices aligned with your purpose. Now is the time to make a move in the direction that you already know is true. This is the perfect opportunity to choose what is already engrained in your DNA.

You have many ideas and visions, creating a dreamlike vortex in your mind. What will you choose, and how will you begin? Open the door for the deepest vision to come forth. When you choose, what you desire will be born into this reality. The power is with you and all forces are assisting to help you succeed. What you hold dearest in your heart is the cup that beckons you to choose. What are you daydreaming about that has not yet come to be? Move in the direction of your vision this moment, and let the most important cup birth into being.

You are moving from a dreamlike, childlike essence that has been playing in the astral light. This period has been essential and this magick will not be lost. Now the forces are here to bring this essence into physical reality. This is an exciting time, as you have either made a choice, or are about to choose a direction that is an abundant source for your creativity, love, work, and ideas to come to life. This will be an ongoing streamline of joy, wealth, and abundance within your life, that will change forms as you shift and morph throughout your creative path. This work is not separate from your heart. Each step will be accomplished with joy. With this supportive energy, you can accomplish what you envision. It is not a race, but when the energy is high, ride that wave.

As you shift from a dream state to vibrant action in each step, you create a newfound movement in your life. You start seeing tangible results everyday and fall asleep at night with a full heart. Open to receive by acting on your visions and dreams. How you perceive and think about your visions and dreams is Everything. Cultivate your energy, day to day, for visions to come manifest. When you make a choice and focus fully in that vortex, it becomes expansive. Dreams are pulled into field, and you stop doing what is not aligned with your vision.

Seven of Cups can be a reminder to not delude yourself. There are many cups to drink from in this life. Which one makes you happy, vibrant, alive, and joyful? Take time to feel what wishes to move through you. Nourish your soul each time you feel into your dream. You are the Magician in your life, the web weaver through all time and space. It is only you that can allow your visions and dreams to come forth. It is your magick that is a unique contribution to the world, and no other being can imitate this. Open yourself to see real and tangible results of your light. Emanate your vibration so strongly that it must stabilize your Spirit and bring full fruitful bounty into this earth realm.

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