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Full Moon

Serpent Magick Scorpio Full Moon | April 2021


Are you ready to Rise into the next level of your happiness, abundance and epic adventure of a lifetime on all levels of your being?

Your answer here…. šŸ™‚


Full moons are an amazing time to evaluate what has come into fruition during this moon cycle for yourself.

The question to consider is…

Are you in direct alignment with your Highest Visions and Soul Manifestations?

You will always be able to have a clear answer when you feel as though you are in alignment with your expansion and what comes with your own unique Soul expansion and expression. When you are abiding in your flow state and riding the inspiration and enjoying the details of your unfolding…you are on the right track towards creating the life that you desire.

In all moments you have the opportunity to expand into your greatness or contract into small identification of a false self.

Your inner being is naturally in full clarity, knowing, trust, and full of your innate wisdom and guidance as you abide in your pure being.

This space, no one can alter and not any event or situation which occurs can change your inherent divinity and self worth…beyond even self worth.

When you honor this space of your beingness in the purity that is a complete and perfect expression exactly as you are, you move beyond all doubt – as doubt cannot exist in this space.

The only reason any doubt or mistrust in Self or life arises is from allowing your attention to move into lesser frequencies which are not true to your inner being – they are only familiar associations which have been constructed and believed in by your mind.

What does this mean for you? It means that you can change these patterns, open your Self to discovering new patterns which are true to your inner being.

Your inner being is never bringing you down in any way, so remember if you feel these lower vibrations pulling down on you that you have all the power in the Universe to shift them and to create new thoughts and new beliefs about yourself and your experience.

The more you cultivate this inner Self trust and nurture your inner garden, the more you will confirm within your own Self how you can shift anything in your experience from within your own Self.

Your Highest Soul Manifestations are always calling you towards expansion, into a new space that you have not yet been and asking of you new thoughts, new emotions, new actions, new behaviors, and new courses and paths to take which are guiding you into higher spheres of your creations.

Ask Yourself:

Am I in full alignment with my highest vision of who I see myself becoming?

If you are, you will know it with ever fiber of your being and feel the momentum of that energy within you right now. Remember, that in this space you can really PLAY WITH REALITY and PUSH THE BOUNDARIES of your experience to new spaces of your wild and playful imagination. Your vision is a living organism that is constantly breathing, expanding and changing with you. So…how far can you stretch yourself to think creatively as you are riding your momentum towards your highest victory? Don’t be shy…the Universe loves your BOLDNESS!

If you do not feel in full alignment with your Soul Manifestations, know that the contrast which you are experiencing in this moment now is training you to see and discover what it is that you actually want and desire. Being out of alignment with your highest vision gives you the opportunity to clarify your current position and change your momentum and trajectory. Start where you are and take the first step you receive that comes from your new inspiration which will flow in as you think of your highest vision. As you decide to take the next step, you are immediately changing your trajectory to be in higher alignment with your Soul Manifestations. Take the contrast which you are experiencing in order to elevate…this is all that it is – everything is here for your highest unfolding.

In the spirit of Scorpio Full moon, my scorpio rising self can’t help but share with you my excitement for MMM – my Master Manifestation Magick Online Course! It is my 90 day signature program that I created to assist your highest evolution and unfolding towards your Soul Manifestations. June 11th is the first day of MMM and there are some spaces available at this time! I would love for you to join if you are ON FIRE TO ELEVATE, EXPAND, and RISE! You can read more here about the course.

Happy full moon, make it a celebration of your commitment to your highest rising and Soul’s evolution!

S E R P E N T | M A G I C K