Serpent Magick Art by Phoenix Gaia Ladrieh

Nefertiti was one of the most powerful Queens to walk the Earth. She incarnated in order to create a system of Magick and Royalty which exalted the highest consciousness on the planet. She was initiated into the Great Mysteries in the temples of Egypt. If you go, you will see her Sacred Initiation carved in the walls. The mysteries in which Nefertiti was Initiated into she also is still now initiating those which choose to tune into her frequency and learn by being Initiated into her Sacred Mysteries. There is a reason why the Sacred Magick in Egypt is being chipped off the walls this very day…these Sacred and Holy teachings are only for those who devote their entire life to receiving them. This Nefertiti painting was started in Los Angeles, California and completed in Joshua Tree, California when I was first being initiated into her mysteries. From that point I was taken to live in Egypt for 10.5 month where a series of magickal rituals were performed in deeper Initiation with Nefertiti. This piece is for a priestess who is ready for her next stages of Sacred Initiation through Divine Wisdom of Nefertiti’s unique and Sacred Channel.

This Canvas print is 40″ x 48″

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