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Quantum Now Soul Manifestation

By January 14, 2022September 24th, 2022No Comments

What is it really about?

To know that everything in your current reality is playing out is the obvious one that you can already see, feel & experience.

Depending on what you desire to create now is where the experimenting with your New Reality comes into action.

First, it’s up to you to see the different lives that can be yours playing out within your experience.

What is your Highest Vision that you can see which is your deepest Soul Manifestation?

It doesn’t matter how elaborate or simple it is, only that it is your Soul’s Highest Joy & Desire.

Begin to see in your minds eye all of these lives playing out in order to choose, or simply go directly to the vision that you KNOW you desire.

Your Soul Desires are always indicating the direction you really want, accustom yourself to deeply trusting that voice & feeling within you. These desires stream from Source & are not to be cut off or ignored. For a time when you are on the path of return (anchoring in Source) you may not be paying attention to these desires, but for the path of manifesting your Highest Soul Expression onto the Earth, you MUST follow these inclinations.

Once you hone in on what you desire to Create, now you have a Clear Vision to create YOUR DREAM!

This dream that you see in your minds eye…focus right now in this moment to feel it. Let the energy of what it will feel like fill each cell of your body – ALLOW YOUR CELLS TO EXPERIENCE IT.

What are you doing there?
What do you look like?
Are you smiling?
Do you feel at peace?
Enjoying your experience more than you ever have?!

Most importantly, do you feel true freedom?

Remember, the dream is yours to experience. Remove any pressure or false visions that are not really yours. Allow yourself to remove influences from the outside world in order to focus on what you truly desire from within.

This is a Sacred time for YOU to dream.

Don’t feel bad for wanting IT ALL.


Don’t feel bad for wanting a simple life.

Don’t feel bad for any way that YOU want to create and what fulfills you.

This is your life & your only role is to honor your Soul Force & manifest it the way that is true to you.

In the internal VISION that you create, see how this simple tuning in is what CHARGES your energetic field.

This CHARGE is what creates your reality & PROPELS you into the right actions which bridge the gap.

Are you ready to RISE?

Your work now is to follow all inspired actions which excite you!

You might ask…could it be that simple?

It will take as long of a time as it takes for you to release resistance within your being towards the reality you desire on a Soul level. It becomes simple when you face resistance instead of avoiding it and you move through the fear instead of backing away. That is what true courage is.

If you choose the path of courage, you will move into much higher degrees of awareness that separates you from the herd. In this state of lightness of being you become deeper to greater degrees within, and you also are able to manifest to a greater and ever rising capacity with more ease.

The way you manifest is always a choice. The more empty of illusion you are from within your being, the simpler you will create from a very organic unfolding. Your life will become a dance of miracles in all that you choose to manifest.

If you choose the Highest Unfolding. The Highest can only vibrate in your energy field. This is a basic fundamental Universal Law.

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