Tier 3 | Master Manifestation Magick In Santa Fe, New Mexico – Start November 11, 2022!


What You Receive In MMM Tier 3:

• In person mentorship in Santa Fe, New Mexico for 3 months to work with Phoenix Mystique. All travel must be arranged by you. Accommodation is provided for you.

• Unlimited Lifetime Access to MMM Online Course, 20 + Hours of video content, with additional NEW and EXCLUSIVE lifetime content.

• 9 Modules PLUS NEW BONUS CONTENT for life.

• Homework From The Universe Assignments for your highest Self Inquiry and Radical Aligned Actions to align you with your Highest Unfolding Vision.

• In person 1 on 1 mentorship 3 days a week with Phoenix Mystique to guide you throughout the program in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

• Unlimited email personal written responses from Phoenix Mystique for The Homework From The Universe Assignments from each video in MMM.

MMM Tier 3 Is Perfect For:

• Tier 3 is perfect for individuals who are already focused on your Soul Work on the planet and who desire to Quantum Shift and Radically Revolutionize yourself and your work to create your Heaven on Earth.

• Tier 3 is perfect for individuals who are ready to RISE beyond false identities and limiting beliefs that are holding you back from accomplishing your Highest Visions.

• Tier 3 is perfect for individuals who want in person 1 on 1 detailed guidance to take you to fully embody and actualize your Heaven on Earth.

Contact: sm@serpentmagickofficial.com for application and inquiries for Tier 3 MMM.