Tier 2 | Master Manifestation Magick


Tier 2 | Master Manifestation Magick | 90 Day Online Course

Tier 2 MMM includes:

Lifetime access to all video and pdf content through Teachable.
Unlimited daily support through Slack messaging where all your questions are answered within 24 hours to assist your actualization of your highest success and results.


  • Receiving daily unlimited support is a very important part of the MMM course that I highly suggest if you want to take this course seriously and take it farther than only receiving the course at Tier 1 with content only. Receiving support will stretch your capacity for what is possible in your Soul Manifestation and move you at a higher momentum with the unlimited support, rather than receiving Tier 1 content only.
  • There are only 5 available spots open for Tier 2 per MMM cycle.

Who Tier 2 Is For:

  • Monthly income $5,000 – $10,000
  • Highly motivated creative entrepreneurs ready to be initiated into the next level of success in Soul Manifestations, YOU ARE READY TO TURN UP THE HEAT.
  • Creative Entrepreneurs who realize the value of receiving unlimited daily support through Slack messaging communication and how you will get much farther by having a mentor.

Benefit of Joining Tier 2 & 3 MMM:

Serpent Magick Personal Mentorship Program with Samira as a Mentor will be available by application invitation only after Tier 2 or 3 of MMM is completed and if you do well in the program. This personal mentorship is to continue Soul Manifestation work through video communication to further your highest expansion.

To read full details of Master Manifestation Magick Online Course visit website link.

*Application only. All sales final.

Lifetime Access To All Online Course Content & Daily Unlimited Support.

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