Tier 2 | Master Manifestation Magick – Start May 11, 2022!


Tier 2 | Master Manifestation Magick | 90 Day Online Course

What You Receive In MMM Tier 2:

• Unlimited Lifetime Access to MMM Online Course.

• 9 Modules containing 20 Hours of exclusive video content.

• Homework from the Universe assignments for your highest Self Inquiry and Radical Aligned Actions.

• Unlimited email communication with Samira to mentor you throughout the program and personal written responses from Samira to The Homework From The Universe Assignments from each video in MMM.

MMM Tier 2 Is Perfect For:

• Tier 2 is perfect for individuals who are already focused on your Soul Work on the planet.

• Tier 2 is perfect for individuals who are ready to RISE beyond false identities and limiting beliefs that are holding you back from accomplishing your Highest Visions.

• Tier 2 is perfect for individuals who want personal 1 on 1 detailed guidance to take them to the next level in their work and life.


  • Receiving daily unlimited support is a very important part of the MMM course that I highly suggest if you want to take this course seriously and take it farther than only receiving the course at Tier 1 with content only. Receiving support will stretch your capacity for what is possible in your Soul Manifestation and move you at a higher momentum with the unlimited support, rather than receiving Tier 1 content only.