Master Manifestation Magick Course is for online entrepreneurs who are ready to take your creations and your life to the next stage of your evolution. You will learn to be a master at manifestation through learning the importance of self care and how it is directly linked to manifesting your Highest Visions, you will unlearn how you limit your dreams and how to open your vision to the infinite potential that you have access to, you will learn to trust and know yourself and who you really are, which will naturally magnetize your highest manifestations that are linked to only who you really are, you will learn to manifest with purpose and not by accident or by default programming, you will learn the difference between your real intuition and what is fear arising within you, and you will learn to follow your flow state frequency that you have and no one else can replicate and gain confidence in your true self.

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Hello! I am Samira, Your guide and Master on Manifestation! Let’s have some fun and fulfill your Soul Purpose!

Hi there, I am Samira Morrar, your guide during your course of being a Master Manifestation of YOUR Magick. I became an expert at manifestation through throwing caution to the wind and following my heart relentlessly. I always knew I had to be my own boss and flow with life the way that fulfills and satisfies my Soul Purpose and why I am here. Through all my trial and error and learning how to trust myself, life and all my wild ideas I have become a confident conscious creator and my purpose is to teach you what I have learned by my own direct experience. Through Master Manifestation Magick Course, you will learn the intricacies of what it takes to become a master at manifesting your own magick and trust yourself in your unique unfolding ~