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On Manifesting Precision

By February 22, 2022September 20th, 2022No Comments

Stagnation has no room where embodied manifestation RISES and your HIGHEST VISIONS bloom before your eyes.

Keep it MOVING.

Movement is MOMENTUM.

To anchor in precision in your Soul Manifestations:

  1. Connect with your true Self Worth. That is your connection with Source, your sacred connection that no one can take away from you. Anchor in this connection, it is the highest unfolding truth within you which will open ANY door that you desire.
  2. Develop your unshakable Self Trust. To trust in yourself to take YOU all the way. To not use crutches, but to hold your own self responsibility and trust in your inner power.
  3. To take BOLD & UNCONVENTIONAL moves regardless of what others are doing. You have to push all boundaries of what is possible for you every day in order to continue evolving.
  4. Specificity. You must cultivate EXACTLY what you desire and know it fully in order to have it, or else you will keep receiving the same results without much change. Be specific with your manifestations.

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