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Nine of Wands

The Nine of Wands presents a stairwell of wild, unruly wands. The stairwell leads to a crescent moon shining above the top step. The crescent moon connects to new beginnings and turning dreams into reality. These dreams represent the dreams of the heart and divine unfolding. The vertical lines on the card are a sign to keep moving forward as you meet adversity. The obstacles and challenges faced are refining you, stripping away what is no longer needed, leaving you only with what is truly meant for you.

The moon connects with our intuition. When we follow this subtle guide inside we are naturally aligned with our highest unfolding in this life. We are moving and listening in the unseen realms. This is jumping into the unknown with full trust. Moving against intuition causes tremendous pain because there is a movement inside that knows you are going against your natural expression. The moon encourages us to listen to the silent one. Creative expression grows from this silence. These challenges will have a different flavor because they come from the joy of natural movement and surrender to the Divine.

All that you face will break down the barriers of your limitation. You will feel a deep gratitude inside as you discover that unending support is ever present. As you use challenges to strengthen and move forward, your wisdom will birth greater depths through experience. The Nine of Wands is showing you experience won’t always be easy. However, your love and openness for life will support you fully as you abide in truth. Nine of Wands is a cycle of coming to a completion. Remember, all of the energy invested into something doesn’t dissipate unless the energy is left behind. A creation only vanishes if you turn your attention in another direction. You are always allowed to start fresh and move in a different way. Find out if there is fear of success or failure present within. Discover whether you are closing a chapter to move towards higher alignment, or, if you need to push through this energy in order to complete a project your soul desires to bring forth. Discover if you are giving up, or completing a cycle. Only you know the answer. Remember, if you choose to abandon something that your soul desires to create, it means you will face the same challenges no matter which direction you move. Any challenge you go through is pointing you back to your self. When you move as the self, you can go in any direction. If you move as a restricted version of yourself, that is formed in the imagined mind, you will go on many strange courses. These courses will always bring you back to the self, because of the deep attraction to move authentically.

When you are open to truly living in this way instead of feeding the false self, you are already being guided and supported by many beings and cosmic forces. When identification of mind occurs, open your inner temple for guidance. Life has magick in each moment and is constantly revealing itself. Allow it to unfold in divine perfection. Remember that challenges are all gifts because they allow what is false to be released. Let the Nine of Wands be a reminder to stay true to your heart.

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  • holmar58 says:

    Thank you so very much, I am new to tarot and I chose this deck because of the imagery, I really felt that this would be the tarot deck I could relate to. This is the very first card I drew from the deck….your explanation was very clear. I do have the Guide Book…but found I learned so much more from you interpretation….once again…thank-you.

    • MiraSol says:

      Congrats on your new deck, you will not regret it. Also my first deck and was a gift given to me that has really taken me on an incredible journey. Excited and happy for you, and welcome to my blog! Happy you are here and feel open and welcome to always share your own insights as you continue on your journey. So much love your way. Welcome to the world of tarot. I never thought I would be into tarot until it came to me, now it completely makes sense and almost surprised it didn’t come sooner! Blessings on your journey.