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Nine of Swords

Nine of Swords seizes your attention. Are you contributing to the unrest, dis-ease, and anxiety that is felt within? Look to see if your thought patterns are causing you pain, or if the actual experience you are presently in is no longer serving your highest good. Now is the time to move forward. You have the awareness to make this distinction beyond reality and unreality. What is a real issue, and what is a figment of your imagination? The Nine of Swords is asking what is imagination and what is real? Nine of Swords addresses fears or expectations that you are holding onto, which are disturbing present moment beauty. What are the energies revealing within you? If you have created expectations on yourself, this will add major stress that creates energetic blocks, distorting your natural movement.

Force creates a wall between you and your will.

You align with your Divine Will by being open to receive light from Spirit. You know within your being there is an intrinsic beauty of what this life is trying to teach you. Decipher where you are creating destructive force, and how you can release this to come into direct alignment with your will. From here, you will naturally carve your unique soul path that is vibrant, alive, natural, and energizing. Nine of Swords asks to take a step back to see a broader perspective of your present situation. Inquire if you are going with a healthy flow, or one that no longer matches what is in alignment for you.

Release your fear of diving into the unknown. Your soul knows where this unknown is leading you. This is the great unfolding of where you truly desire to go. Believe in the mystery that brought you here, and know that Magick is always available, and reveals itself when you release what is no longer wanted. Trust yourself, and walk with a full heart into the unknown.

Nine of Swords can arise when negative self talk is perpetual, fogging your experience and causing confusion within. Let this fog clear, for your soul knows the next best step to move in. Let this resistance move you in a new direction. You have your inner vision to see with crystal clarity, for your mind to be bright and expansive, your heart to feel the most subtle vibrations, and you have gained wisdom through every experience. You have learned to be more in tune with the entirety of your being. This allows you to be connected with your inner intuitive guide, as well as your logical mind. You have the tools you need to propel you to a higher space of being.

Turn inward, and trust the space that connects you deeply with Spirit. Allow all negative energies to leave your mind, body, and spirit. Allow yourself to come to the space of internal rest and quiet before drawing questions in. From this serene space, ask how you have engaged with life until now? What ways do you wish to live, and what ways of being have you come to completion with? When you ask yourself these questions from an undivided mind and heart space, this will give way to your natural unfolding. Be ready to flip your script.

Gentleness, compassion, and love will be the most powerful energies you have to shift gears. Turning to rest in your being allows your own self-healing powers to rise. As this occurs, the space opens for you to ask the deeper questions of your experience. What is true and what has been imagined to be true? Take the time you need to nurture, love, and relax into the core of your being before starting to ask questions. Trust your own intuition to guide you through this process with full trust and faith. You will regain alignment with Spirit once again.

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