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Nine of Pentacles

Four white feathers form a diamond shape with nine pentacles inside. Creativity, work, health, and property, represent the outer manifestation of your inner life. The card depicts horizontal lines in the background, representing a grounded feeling within and how you are moving in life. You do not feel separation from this vibratory and physically pulsating experience. There is a feeling of abundance and prosperity, not overly indulging, but a deep appreciation for what you have. The profundity of the possibility that you are here, makes all petty problems seem as dust in the wind. This gratitude overwhelms your being and allows for natural movement in you to flow in accordance with the divine laws.

There is a quiet knowing within you that feels the way in which you are moving is in alignment with the same oneness that vibrates through all of life. Many aspects of you have fallen away, including work that could no longer serve your heart. You are aligning more deeply with what feels natural. Nine of Pentacles indicates that you have come to a completion of a project and are enjoying the fruits of this labor. You have enough momentum underway now that you have a unique balance of work and play. There is a confidence here that is unwavering, as you know what you are connecting to in your work, and you will continue exploring with this. You are in an abundant period and you are deeply committed to your work. You will ride the ebbs and flows gracefully.

Your reliance is with Spirit, and your work reflects your inner landscapes. This card can also depict that you are working consistently and diligently on a project that will come into full physical form. You are working with love and discipline, and you will be fulfilled with this project. This vision that comes from within, is the sprouting of the seed that Spirit planted within your soul before you were born. You have released all other visions that did not feel one with Spirit. There is a deep felt movement of grace at this time, as if the wind is moving you and all of life with more ease than you have ever felt before. This is because of your trust in All That Is.

Perception is Everything. As you feel the immense beauty of life, you are always met with this beauty in return.

Nine of Pentacles regards abundant health and well-being. You are overflowing with radiant and abundant energy. Your physical body is vibrant and you feel good with how you treat yourself. The exercise, and food you allow into your body are in agreement with what you need. Now you have all the power with you to change things that no longer serve you. When your body is being taken care of everyday, you are naturally moving much lighter and with ease. This time will be of major transformation in the body and also your work environment. Grace is sweeping through your house and bringing a beautiful balance within many layers of your life. Abundance and Magick are deeply felt. There is an unending well of a power within that is naturally shedding all that isn’t working. What was once a struggle for you to change is now seen with clarity. Swift changes are being made without effortlessly.

The Magician has mastered his tools.

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  • Maz says:

    As always before, so amazingly true.

    I don’t know how you do it? (Or am I co-creating it??)

    Thank you beautiful xxxx