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Nine of Cups

Nine cups are presented in the shape of a lucky horse shoe, with a crescent moon at the top of the card. The moon depicts listening to subtle guidance within. This moves you with rising gratitude, contentment, and sheer joy for what is. The hues of blue and purple in the background are soothing colors, that reflect a being of equanimity and deep rest within. This is a time where you are enjoying the sensual pleasures in all forms, not taking life for granted, and being alive in this miraculous world. Nine of Cups can feel day-dreamy, as the cups float against the blue horizon. Allow the daydreaming to be, as this is your Source of inspiration and creativity. As daydreaming and action merge towards your visions, you will feel the abundant joy and see the full form of manifestations of your dreams. As you grow in deeper love and gratitude, all areas of your experience, now and in the future, will be from a place of pure love. You will create tremendous beauty in your wake.

Cups represent the emotional state of being. Abundant relationships, self expression, and creativity are moving from your heart. At this time you are overflowing in all areas of life. Love is pouring through you to all relationships and creations. As you feel the abundance in all aspects of life, worry and fear has left your experience. You are moving in your natural being. Feel the glory of the ever pouring light that keeps you here. The power of presence is ruling each of your actions, imbued with grace.

Nine of Cups is a natural balance with all of nature, where you are not separated from life, but connected to the whole of creation. The magick of what is felt has already flooded through your bloodstream and there is no going back to old ways of being. Like a snake, many skins have been shed along the way, and you are now moving as you create, play, work, and communicate without tension.

The more gratitude that is felt, the less you feel the need to have more. You are experiencing the fullness of your life, emanating from the inside. You are not collecting objects, people, or experiences, to fulfill inner discontent. Nine of Cups is overflowing with internal and earthly abundance. You are fulfilled with the riches of inner beauty that is manifesting the world you live in. This vibration alone turns everything into gold. All that you place your energy towards comes from this clear channel full of light and gratitude.

You are creating beauty, experiencing love, joy, and relationships are flourishing. Beings you come into contact with will be inspired by the gratitude you feel. Any goal you have now will flower as a thousand sunflower fields with your undivided loving attention. The Nine of Cups is the pure enjoyment of beauty in Mother Earth and of your self. Delight in your senses, art, love making, and all that connects you to life. This automatically will inspire every movement, creation, work, and all birthed from you now will reveal your highest wishes coming into full manifest form.

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