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Mother of Wands

Mother of Wands is a powerhouse of creative alchemical energy. She is the priestess who uses her spiritual gifts fully on earth, creating exactly what she draws through higher realms. She is strong and grounded with a clear vision in focus. The Mother of Wands depicts a snake curled around her eggs and her wand. The wand is symbolic of the power within that is creating and bringing visions to life. The eggs are the form that her visions have grown into. They are not ready to hatch yet, but the exciting time is right on the horizon.

As you nurture creativity everyday, this consistency of attention makes you an unstoppable force of nature. Your unique embodied energy into daily work is creating a nurturing atmosphere for your innate gifts and cultivated work. You are continually growing and deepening with your Soul’s work. The grace that moves through your life motivates you from sunrise until sundown. As you move, bright with full fire power, all forces come to assist you, and continue the work you love. The energy that is emitting from your field has a high spiritual momentum and is balanced with grounded earth energy. You are moving consistently in the right direction.

The Mother of Wands has a high magnetism, which stems from a healthy and active life. She moves like a dancing fire, inspiring others to move the way they feel. Mother of Wands knows that each path is different and each one is to be honored in its own unfolding. She sees only grace could be moving in her life, appearing in all the magickal ways present. As you immerse yourself in visions that require your full attention, moving from a space of true power, love, and pure heart, you create success.

Invest all of your energy on your soul path. Stay open to the other forms of unexpected magick that life will bring into your field. As you continue opening to the voices of the most high and stay attuned to discerning energies as they arise in yourself and others, you will continue refining your field and raising your vibration. Listen intently and only allow the highest and purest energies in your sacred space. Be so in love with life

that you will not allow stagnant or negative energies inside. Your creative power is in your soul force and vigilant spirit. This will open many doors of opportunity as you focus on your inner work, moment to moment.

Mother of Wands is a reminder to protect what you hold dear in your heart. Move strongly in your creativity and blaze an authentic trail of emerald hearted fire. As you move fully in a magickal and abundant life, you will eat the fruits of your gold hearted work and share them with kindred souls. You will create a deeply fulfilling universe of royal magnetism. Protect your visions by setting them free into the world. You will see what you love grow by placing full attention of heart with what you desire to create. Do what you love all day and let life create a vortex of possibility, where you open the door to your dream life. Let the Mother of Wands ignite the fire in you that is blazing a miraculous trail for your life. There is a mighty power in you. Don’t miss it for something lesser then the truth of Spirit. Know that Grace is moving all the pieces, and you are never apart from this grace. Trust and believe in your Spirit. Your heart knows the way.

Trust the golden fire within your Temple.

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