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Mother of Swords

The Mother of Swords is a wise owl perched atop a sword, peering directly into you. Horizontal lines in the background symbolize a vast space, from which she is looking. The Mother of Swords is not swayed by emotional or mental turbulence. She has elevated emotional intelligence and solid grounding, as she has gained maturity through her journey. Although she has a ferocious look on her face, that may not seem compassionate, she is deeply loving and fierce. Her compassion remains with what is true, and she does not coddle temporary emotions that move herself and others away from the central core. Mother of Swords knows she is beyond the transient nature of all things arising and passing. She guides beings back to who they are, by shattering everything that they are not. In this way, she attracts great beings into her life that are ready to look beyond their petty problems and return to full power.

The Mother of Swords is a reminder to be in your fierce clarity. You have infinite tools you need in every moment to realign with what is true. When you see this, you can navigate naturally and effortlessly. You find solutions instead of problems. Life can only work against you if believe it will. Only one thought separates you from the divine flow. Mother of Swords reminds you, with the sword of truth, to stay in your power and not let the world of transient images and words take you over.

The Mother of Swords encourages you to be direct and honest with yourself and others. She is a straight shooter. As you grow out of pleasing others and honor the truth completely, you anchor the light of your being as the full embodiment of your Divine Spirit. You are honest with yourself and others and you allow beings to be as they are, without hindrance. Mother of Swords says drop anything that isn’t serving your highest alignment. This includes feelings, thoughts, and actions that no longer serve the greater good. Allow yourself to be in your light, without feeling any doubt for how you show up. As you continue maturing and developing within, you leave aside fear that binds you. You stand firmly in the truth of Pure Awareness.

As you continue emptying yourself of identification, all of life flows through you.

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