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Mother of Cups

Mother of Cups is Master of Intuition. She knows all before anything is spoken. The white swan is depicted on the card with her wing above one chalice. There is a black background with white vertical lines and colored stars exploding. The swan is immersed with the darkness of the unknown. The subconscious and herself are merged as one. What has once been hidden has been brought to light. This is where her magick emerges, from the understanding of the great play and embodiment of light. The goblet under her wing represents the element of water that coincides with the emotional realm of herself and others. When she goes through hardships, she knows how to nurture herself and move beyond struggles. This allows her to be an open space for others to come to rest, in her all-encompassing embrace. Her emotional maturity assists to be a clear mirror for others, allowing them to rediscover their inner power.

The Mother of Cups is not logically minded. She taps into the world that can only be felt through energy. She believes what she feels and is purely guided by intuition. She trusts herself and the way her heart is naturally moving her. Mother of Cups’ sensitivity and openness can draw people into her life for certain periods of time- in short or long bursts. Her heart’s expression is trusted because of her own trust in herself. Many find it nurturing to arrive in her embrace when feeling vulnerable. They leave strong and empowered once again because of the loving invitation to look within. This allows others to discover themselves because of their willingness to sincerely look within. She is open for all who cross her path and can investigate quickly and almost immediately the earnestness of those who come her way.

When you are receptive to Source, you are naturally spontaneous and creative. This is a time to allow all creativity to flow through you like water and watch your endeavors bloom into full fruition. Those visions that come to you are pure expressions of consciousness. Have fun with your visions and give them full permission to come into physical reality. You are Divine Spirit in human form. Those ideas you have are unique to your specific energy and play an important role for yourself and others.

The Mother of Cups can also appear when visions are distorted. She is a reminder of your natural power, pointing you to the space where all is free to express, be nurtured, and grow. Now is the Source of all emerging beauty. It is here you can trust. When you see this, infinite relaxation is felt inside. Dis-ease comes from placing energy outside of where your soul is guiding you. You are completely free to move in this life with what resonates in your heart most naturally. When you allow yourself to be present within, you can see the fear and release it as soon as you are ready. The longer you avoid or run away, the stronger it becomes. Any fear that arises can be felt fully without attaching any stories to it. You will see that the mind tries to attach a feeling of fear to a story. When you stay with the fear and look at it, giving it space, this will release the illusion. The Mother of Cups is a symbol of your infinite nature when you honor your being.

This awareness that you are will burn everything away you are not, and leave you to abide in pure awareness.

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