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Moon Magick Message of the Night

By September 15, 2017September 20th, 2022No Comments

Ace of Crystals (Pentacles) is not only tied to material aspects of your world. When truly tapped into this energy an understanding is known that you are limitless in what you can create in this tangible realm. Your being has always been unbound, it is only your limitations that mask your vastness. This card is a reminder that you can play the game in any direction that sets your heart on fire and you will be supported when you move in true confidence. ⠀

Ace of Crystals is full abundance within your life and asks you to take a look on where you are perceiving lack. Are you actually experiencing lack? Or are you simply believing that you do not have enough? When you are tapped into your authentic self you cannot lack anything. The Ace of Crystals is a reminder that you contain absolutely everything you need or desire to experience. ⠀
What would happen instead of pining for what you want, if you simply allowed yourself to create it now? Each day you are here you are given the opportunity to create beauty, whatever that means to your unique vibratory field. When looking with eyes of infinite gratitude and compassion for life you will be beyond satisfied with what is here and creation happens with ease. Your creations become fluid because you will feel, see, and experience yourself as a powerful creative force naturally. ⠀
The more you allow yourself to be as you are in your raw wildness, all forces will arise to create in alignment with this authentic and vibrant power. This is not a separate movement from you, it is your naturalness in life. It is not something special that only certain people have. It is a simple subtle shift from lack and thinking you don’t have enough, to seeing that you have all the tools you need already. Cosmic forces are with you to create magick.

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