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Manifestation & Power of Words

By May 8, 2020September 21st, 2022No Comments

The power of knowing how to use your words to create the world you desire with your love, magick, and inspired action is REAL. The smallest shift in language can create massive waves of change in your life.

When you crack down hardcore on the language you use, think and say – everything will change. Changing your words, flips the script to the life that you want to create, live and breathe.

Sometimes even if you feel like you are pretty aware of your language, there are still ways that sabotage your experience and what you are creating.

What I learned from my own experimentation and working with many clients:

When you choose a manifestation that you want to create, you must choose it ALL THE WAY. If you only sorta kinda want it…you will only sorta kinda get it, meaning that manifestation will fail, it cannot reach its full potential if you don’t choose it all the way!

So when you want to go for something all the way, you have to have only PLAN A in mind and align all your words with that creation in full positive, aligned language all the way.

That may seem challenging at first, but lets find out why that can feel challenging.

It is a lack of commitment to really choosing what you want. This is when you create and manifest from fears and insecurities over powering, instead of choosing to rise above them and go for the gold of what you truly desire.

To manifest, not only conviction and belief must be there, but aligning with the vibration, words, and soul aligned actions that will take you there.

To become vigilant of what you allow to multiply in your mental sphere and what dialogue you are having in life is the key to choosing the highest outcome.

You can choose the highest outcome by aligning only with the words that will create that outcome. When you drop into your KNOWING you are dropping into your BEING. When you drop into your being, you are aligning with Source and only the words of success will be thought and said by you.

To say I Will be successful about what it is you desire is a powerful statement to say out loud. It is a direct alignment with your soul and your words.

This creates a direct connection to the very energy of your commitment to your highest outcome.

To directly manifest anything choose it entirely, drop the escape routes and fully commit to yourself and your success all the way to your victory.

Every word counts, so don’t be afraid to annihilate every single spell and word that is not in alignment with what you really want.

You are worth it!

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