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Full Moon

By January 28, 2021No Comments
leo full moon



This full moon is flaming the hearts of those that are on fire and ready for the most exciting and exhilarating unfolding of your journey.

Oh yea…the fun is just beginning!

Not only is 2021 going to reward those who have been focusing vibrationally on their juiciness, but these are the beginning of the days where the internal DNA clearing, rising in your frequency, saying f*** you to what and who you needed to release is really going to reveal to you that the internal and external badassery you have been living is going to be revealing to you beginning NOW and throughout the year an Ace of Cups crescendo of opportunity, expansion, creativity, fun, beauty, wealth, prosperity, good news after good news, and a waterfall of the highest well being from a cellular level to the physical manifestations of your creative and magickal adventure!


Oh yea baby…it’s going to get VERY JUICY this 2021!

On this magickal full moon focus on what are you thrilled about within your experience. Take some time to soak it in and ELEVATE yourself in the juiciness of all that you have created that you are experiencing right now.

Life is going to be moving very quickly in FREQUENCY this year. So you can go as high as you are willing to vibrationally attune to your inner JUICINESS. Feeling AMAZING is the theme this 2021!

Anything else, simply WILL NOT DO.

So, if you have last minute people attempting to drag you down in ANY way, I mean hopefully they were left behind in 2020…but just in case they might still be lingering in the periphery, now is the time to say goodbyes and ONLY say yes to who supports your highest soul growth, your mission, and the VIBRANT life you are creating!

How do you want to move forward this 2021 with the fiery energy of Leo?
How do you want to embody your highest frequency right now, without thinking you can be this person or that person later?

Now is the time to really drink in the juiciness of your REAL Self.

The one that has been in there, culminating, growing, brewing, learning, rising, contemplating, weaving, dreaming, and dancing in the internal gardens of your dreamscape – and now bring this dreamscape to the world that is ready to meet you with your excitement and FIRE right back with a million opportunities that are in perfect alignment with what your soul desires to create.

The more you move in your Frequency of your Highest Flow State, the more immediately you fall in line with ever present truth which is always dancing and flowing all to you.

Have fun. Enjoy. And Open Your Capacity To RECEIVE.

Happy Leo Full Moon!

S E R P E N T . M A G I C K