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8. Justice

Justice. What energy is being served? What have you been serving to yourself and the world? You are a transparent creature. If you hide from yourself, you close the doors of justice and truth. Sometimes you find what you hide will not remain hidden for long. The rivers of life are always flowing, leaving nothing within the being untouched. Every dark and light corner will be seen. Justice depicts white and black cats, with tails intertwined, peering intently forward and seeing what is calling for a closer investigation. The cats reflect the wholeness of you- the light and the dark magick in life. Something arises which demands all of you. The Light of Truth must emerge. Justice means honesty, transparency, and vulnerability with yourself and life. These qualities will shift your life into integrity with your soul’s truth.

When an experience feels uncomfortable and unknown, the invitation is to be honest with yourself in the present moment. Know there is always a solution when you open to receive and embody light. As clarity and integrity are integrated more deeply, the subtle workings of dishonesty in your environment become more obvious and visible, and the less you are inclined to attract theses situations into life. As your discernment becomes refined through the maturing and nurturing of self, clarity will abide in your temple. What is presently arising in your awareness? Shift the attention on the situation to bring in light. Justice asks you to look at all the perspectives- your own perspective and how you feel, as well as others’ perspectives and what they are experiencing. Feel vast compassion towards all beings involved. Trust your intuition and what Spirit is telling you about the situation, first and foremost. Learn to trust this voice inside intimately. It will guide you through all situations. Feel your complete unity with this connection.

Justice serves as the highest will of the divine. The call of Justice is to abide in the Light of Truth. You cannot dictate how others will be, but you have the choice to be absolutely in alignment with your inmost being. Use the sword to cut illusory mental energy. Ask Spirit to reveal to you what is true and bring your focus within the temple. Victorious will be those who remain in truth. They will receive the perfect outcome of what is appropriate for highest growth and expansion for all involved. Take each lesson with humble gratitude for the undeniable perfection- for all must transpire for the greatest illuminating treasures to be found.

The Diamond in the center of the card is symbolic of a yoni. The birth of being comes from here, as life springs from the womb of the earth mother, and as it springs from you as a creative and clear vessel. Investigate the worlds being created. Focus attention on what is arising within your experience. Cultivate conscious awareness of each vibration, thought, vision, and action that moves through you to create life. Justice invites you to return home. Notice if heaviness within your being is present. This is a false story being told covering your true light.

As you awaken to the truth of being, the illusion drops away, leaving the full clarity of a harmonious temple.

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