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20. Judgement

The white bird expands his wings of light above the darkness. Below him, bats are rising towards his light from the depths of the black abyss. The bird has no judgement for the darkness. He only invites the darkness to come towards his light. Judgement embraces all energy for the transmutation from the darkness into the light of the godhead.

Magick occurs when you surrender judgement of yourself. As you surrender harsh judgements towards yourself, judgements towards others also vanish. This leaves a great space for love to bloom within- a lightness unmatched by anything else. There is a lightness of Spirit experienced because there is no longer any energy given to the judgement towards self or others. To hold beings in this loving light will empower our brothers and sisters. The divinity that you see is the true essence of all beings. When you focus on the divinity, it rises and expands in ethereal luminosity instead of fragmenting through disempowered attention. The more you tell someone you believe in them, how much you love and trust them, the more you will see them bloom, expand, and embrace their beauty.

Do this for yourself and others, to allow divinity to dance. Notice within yourself when judgement arises. Raise yourself and other beings in true light, to shift the energies to higher grounds. Choose wisely your internal dialogue. Focus it through your written and spoken word. You can cultivate healthy judgement by focusing on the good in yourself and in others. Do not deny the dark aspects of creation, but recognize the beauty inherent in us all, and uplift this aspect to full expansion. By denying darkness, you will empower it to rise. Use your alchemy to transmute all to the highest vibrational frequency. As you empower strengths within yourself and others, true confidence emerges.

The Judgement card arises when you see clearly how all your actions, words, thoughts, feelings, vibrations, and all movements determine and shift the reality of your life. A veil has been lifted, revealing the truth behind a hidden door. You are seeing all of life in a new and fresh way. Self-judgment has dissolved and you are seeing the inherent beauty in yourself and all of life. This seeing will cause your reality to change timelines immediately. As Above, So Below. As you lift the veils of illusion, you will naturally be in complete alignment with your purpose. Move with aligned action in the great harmony. This happens as true inner sight aligns with your heart, supported by infinite grace of the Universe. The mysteries unveil as we trust and allow ourselves to be available. Listen, and receive energy, messages, and visions from Spirit. This is the majesty and the beauty of the divine unfolding. As we trust, life strips you naked of false illusions and judgement.

You are seeing with the inner eye of Pure Spirit.

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