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Full Moon Powers

Full Moon Powers. Hello Libra Magick! April 16. 2022

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What defines the way in which you balance your experience and all the energies that manifest your life?

What is balance for one being is chaos for another. You cannot determine balance based on another persons life and experiences, you can only discover what your own limits are and what is healthy and aligned for your own being at any given moment.

You have the opportunity in this moon cycle to determine how are you proceed forward in your energy towards your Highest Vision.

How has your Highest Vision transformed through your experiences?

You are not obligated to one vision. Your Highest Vision naturally wishes to evolve, to change, to transform.

Will you allow this transformation to take you to where your soul desires to go, will you allow yourself to fly in the direction that excites and ignites your spirit with real fire and passion?

This Full Moon in Libra it’s a culmination of energies that have revealed to you layer by layer about what is really important to you in your reality and what you desire to build the foundation of your life upon, you have been shown the true jewels within your experience.

Now you have the opportunity to move forward unimpeded by old mind patterns and behaviors that you wants held onto. Now you have the opportunity to see clearly, in balance with your own self and the earth, and to choose a very distinct direction you wish to pursue.

In this moment is the outbreath, The exhale before the new energy pours in. Spring has sprung and beautiful ideas are dancing in the air. Your mind can now bloom flowers of new colors that you have yet to experience. What frequencies are you tuning into? How are you weaving them into your highest unfolding vision?

When you focus the entirety of your energy on your Highest Vision, The old falls away, and you were left with new frequencies that lead you to new places to unfold new dreams that are unique to your beings highest expression.

Enjoy the balance which is your own personal Alchemy, remove all judgment and dance in your brilliance.

Happy Full Moon and Happy Spring!

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