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Full Moon

Serpent Magick Aquarius Full Moon | August 2020

By August 3, 2020April 25th, 2021No Comments

The energetic theme of this Aquarius Full Moon is how far and how high did you reach to extract The Elixir only your soul came to embody and manifest? If you tune in and take a look around you at this time, is the excitement palpable of what you are creating? Can you feel the Great Expanse of what all your inner work has accomplished in order to bring you to this point of clarity, expanse, and combustion of your mission, potential and what you are here to transmit and evoke?

This Full Moon is coming right before the Lion’s Gate Portal on 8.8.2020. This culmination of this powerful and pivotal portal is the perfect moment to look at the entire spectrum of your current unfolding and close any gaps between who you want to be in the “future” and who you are now. This Aquarian Full Moon is evoking the you that is fully present with your experience now, choosing to focus upon exactly what your soul intended to create, while fully bringing your “future” vision into your minds eye and your feeling body, to bring directly to you your Highest Vision in your current reality right now.

The difference between one who is living their dream and one who isn’t has one difference which quite literally changes the game – Power of Belief. This change over takes place in each one upon the path where you choose to connect with your complete belief in the power of yourself in such a way that your trust is unwavering and your belief in yourself runs so deep that you no longer need to think about it or convince yourself of it, your connection with Source is Infinite.

The Aquarius Full Moon is for the full embodiment of your unique Elixir. The Elixir that is not conditioned by what other people may see or want from or for you, but what your Soul Purpose Vision is and how you came to embody your energy uniquely upon the earth. As you allow this energy to Rise and be felt within yourself on this Full Moon, the expanse of light that dwells within your unique Soul Vision is formed through your vibrational attention in each moment.

As your creations are birthed from this space of Knowing, Connection to Truth Within, and The Power of Belief – your world before you becomes the perfect mirror of Gaia Ladrieh – New Earth – where once you were longing for a specific vision, now you have the opportunity to crystallize and live your Soul Vision by the power of choosing your Soul Purpose over all else.

As you begin embodying these new energies that your Soul Visions are guiding you towards, it is natural for all which does not support this Rising energy in you to fall away from your experience. This will give space for higher energies to enter your sphere which will be supportive for your evolution and mission.

Allow the Aquarius Full Moon to take you to the peak of what lights up your Cosmic and Earth Soul and how the heavens and earth dance within you and wish to be expressed through your essence. The Key is how do you wish to express your Soul Vision, not based on anything or anyone else – only the Truth of your unique embodiment and your unique Vision.

Have the most glorious Full Moon .:. S E R P E N T | M A G I C K