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Four of Wands

Four of Wands reveals a time of deep joy that springs from the completion of a cycle. A new way of seeing is coming into being. You have discovered that which was masking clarity and true vision. A portal has been opened. What was once closed is now wide open. Light is flooding in, transmuting dark spaces with renewed energy. The portal is seen through the wands that cross forming a diamond shape. Diamonds are strong and pure, representing the essence of our resilient and divine Spirit. The veil has been lifted and now you see in a new light. A new reality is being experienced and you are stable in listening to the voice of Spirit within. The glowing shade of blue in the center of the card is the intuitive guiding voice. The yellow and red bursts represent the natural action which springs forth from this voice.

There is intuitive intelligence infinitely expanding. As you discover and stay on course with your soul path, the doors of infinity are revealing mysteries. These will guide you each step to higher octaves of being. You discover ways in which you were closing the doors presenting themselves. The Four of Wands is an expansion of surrender to your Divine Will.

Four of Wands is an explosion of excitement and joy that is being expressed. Beyond that is a silent depth holding that space. A peace and contentment is present and an exciting adventure is simultaneously on the rise. Relationships, projects, creativity, and all that is engaged with right now will be emerging with ease and passion. There is a clarity in movement that is expressing itself in all areas of your life. Communicating is easier, working is joyful, and there is lightness in the spirit, body, and mind. Weight that was being held has been discovered to be an illusion. You are weightless and free.

If you are not light within, Four of Wands is inviting you to investigate the heaviness that is felt. Open the door and acknowledge what wishes to be seen. Shadow work is as important as evolving in the light. Pain is an invitation to extend more love, compassion, and gentleness towards oneself. Ignoring pain strengthens its life and it will grow in power until it is healed. The more open you are to looking at what is arising, the more you will communicate to life that you are willing to be honest. This honesty allows you to embrace all that arises. You are learning to extend love instead of judgement. Instead of perceiving problems as obstacles, you extend freedom to yourself and others. Feel what is present in order to release and rise like a phoenix.

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