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Four of Swords

Four of Swords follows the Three of Swords, which were three bound swords depicting a time of extreme pain and hardship. Four of Swords is the spaciousness that comes after a time of darkness. The time has come to contemplate what you have experienced and to look with compassion towards yourself as you begin the next phase of your journey. You have grown tremendously through the darkness experienced. Wisdom and strength are discovered as you learn from your path and integrate this new chapter of your life. As you become softer and compassionate towards yourself, through your experience, a deeper harmony emerges. There is a new learning of how to navigate in a way that is in greater unity with yourself and in the world. The depth of your character is being refined by how you overcome and persevere through your shadow self and learn to move through the caverns of the underworld. The Four of Swords depicts a lamb with a shining sun in the center of her forehead. This symbolizes a newfound strength through the experiences of your human journey. There is a steady focus coming forth at this time. You see what is no longer in alignment and choose a new way to move forward.

Now there is an opportunity to reflect on past experiences and clearly see what no longer works and what does. There is an evaluation of the direction of your path and a clear vision that is aligned with full heart. As you move in the direction that is true, you can see this as an exciting time. You are learning about yourself in a way that opens your creative channels for forward movement, in an honest direction of heart. This understanding blooms flowers in your life that have not been tainted by what is expected from outside forces. After each major experience, pause and reflect to integrate all you have learned up until now. Make the highest vibrational choice aligned with your soul purpose. When you trust yourself to navigate in the most natural way, life will move with great ease. Allow yourself to take time to reflect or learn from the past, so you can continue healthy new cycles that are for your highest growth and expansion.

Any aspects you felt unclear about will now be seen in a spacious way.

This allows new possibilities to fully expand in soul conjured dreams. Aspirations are ready to expand from the fullness of your heart space.

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