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Four of Pentacles

Four of Pentacles requires you to check in with ideas and beliefs on material and environmental aspects within your experience. There is an energetic tightness that blocks off your natural movement and flow of creativity and life force energy. If you are tightly bound or wrapped up in particular ways of thinking and being you can confine yourself into a space that works forcefully against your divine flow. Ask what you are holding on to energetically? Is this serving your highest good, or are you going against your natural rhythm of expansion? Be confidant in expressing what wishes to birth deeply from within. Release unhealthy and rigid aspects that are confining the natural flow of where your energy wishes to go. This is a reminder of a time where openness and softness towards life will reveal new doors. It is necessary for you to release your grip of control. Evolve to the next cycle of growth.

The Four of Pentacles is a reminder to trust through your experience and continue releasing control. Trust that all is happening for you to expand and learn from this experience, so that you may feel more free and at ease inside your sacred temple. Allow your faith to grow, deepen, and soak into your bones, breath, and body. Will you choose to persevere and learn from experience and trust, or will you choose control a false sense of security and safety within a comfortable territory?

Open new doors of opportunity and creation. Reject and disobey the false structures arranged into safe boxes.

When you remain open, curious and trusting in life, you are naturally moving in harmony with this miracle. As you tune in and learn to move freely and openly, you will find the divinity in each movement, great and small. When you look at aspects of your experience that are harmonious, and other aspects that have fallen out of balance, empty yourself and be still. As you empty out your vessel, you allow the light of Spirit to pour into you and be shared in the world. As you become empty of personal identification, you will notice that all heaviness that arises is linked with your belief in false aspects of yourself. As you become more subtle with this awareness, you will begin releasing very quickly that which comes from lower vibrations. You will recognize these energies for what they are and no longer feed them. When you look as the light of pure awareness, all internal and physical manifestations will bare fruit in and of themselves. Dormant energies are now released. You move into full vibrancy that is effecting every aspect of your life. Continue emptying your being of identification while you are living your daily life. See how all experiences are arising naturally from moment to moment.

Everything becomes simple here. You release control. You are free.

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