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Four of Cups

Absorbed in darkness, a rat rests atop four cups. Above him, a white light represents pure awareness and a crescent moon symbolizes intuition. Cups represent your wide spectrum of the emotional body. Feelings, creativity, imagination, connections, love, and relationships with self and all of life. The rat is sitting in the dark on top of the four cups being offered. Four of Cups asks if you are seeing what abundance is here right now, or are you imagining a state of darkness? What are you wanting that you do not already have? How can you open yourself to allow the light of abundance in? This is a time that emotions are rising with ferocity and a time to fully be present as they arise. Take the time to allow yourself to feel what gifts you have within and around you. Open to see your present moment experience and all the beauty which is already in your field right Now. In order for you to see your present moment reality, invite in the emotions that arise. As you invite them, with love and gentle acknowledgement, you allow your field to clear and naturally come into balance.

This is a call to see the gifts that are with you all the time. Your deepest longing for connection to Spirit is ever present right Now. All that you pine for is a surface distraction for the union with God that all beings desire at a deeper level. When your mind and heart are divided, you will constantly see lack. You will see the illusion that you do not have enough. When you are full of your own sweet nectar and the light of Spirit, you will know you are truly not missing anything. You are always divinely guided. What you are see outside is what is held within. As you discover this, you take full responsibility for your vibrational being and no longer blame outside forces for your internal suffering. You always have the opportunity to go within and see where you hold resistance. Be present with this resistance and allow it to melt in the vibration of your Love. Cast your devil into the fire of your heart. Invite Grace in to sweep through your house, showing you the truth of your being.

You are beyond limitation of form.

You are divinely guided and there is no internal separation between you and Spirit. You will be filled with light and learn to shift and change anything to match your vibrational alignment. The change must come from your inner-standing of luminous and rising heart. Feel your vastness and move in the strides of a cheetah.

Take your wildest dreams and write them in blood at the top of your to-do-list, with nothing below. Widen your sight to visions that expand you into the ethereal play of Magick. Create heaven on earth in the wildness of your wake.

Stay still as you fill yourself with light. When you are full, get up and ride your wild stallion all the way to your crystal castle, lined fully with labradorite and moonstone statues of the Gods and Goddesses who have come before you. Their violet light is here now. Open yourself to the highest dream you have ever heard anyone speak of, and expand. Trust your energy to take you through your own light, and meet you at the gates of cathedral stairways of pure divine bliss. Your inner temple, in its highest vibrational alignment, is at one with your true will. When you abide in this space, the miraculous will unfold before you. Stay as your luminous, pure awareness and unlock the doorways to open your Lumerian hearted dreams.

Your magickal chalices are here. From them, abundance flows with crystalline magnetism. Shift your awareness to choose to see fully your ever present light. There is a beauty being given to you because this beauty matches your true vibration. Do not retreat out of fear, but rise to meet this new light that is ever present. Life will offer you what is rare and exquisite, if you are bold enough to let this in. You are on the right path when you move in the light of wisdom, truth, beauty, love, and a reverence for all creatures and beings of this Holy Universe. The cups are inviting you to drink the wine of freedom and dance your divine will. Allow magick to unleash itself upon you and ancient blackened cups will alchemize to pure gold. When we see truly this miracle, you will never take this life for granted again. You will see the abundant glory of each delicious moment.

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  • zeldajones says:

    Thank you! I’ve had some trouble with the Wild Unknown deck (I prefer more symbolism in my decks) but it’s so beautiful that I can’t keep myself away. I drew the Four of Cups this morning and was mystified by the image until I read your post. Your hard work is much appreciated!

    • MiraSol says:

      Hi Love! Your feedback is appreciated. I so much enjoy writing the interpretations and I feel your thanks. Feel free to comment and share any insight or wisdom that comes through for you on the blog. I feel anything shared can always benefit someone or bring a piece of the puzzle to light. Much love to you on your journey and all the magic and inspiration your way~*~