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Five of Swords

Five of Swords represents self destruction. A parasite has been cut in half, as the self-destructive patterns are coming out of hiding. Patterns are being noticed and looked at more closely than ever before. Where once things could have been set aside or taken lightly, you are now feeling the heaviness of self imposed limitations. This is a perfect opportunity to look at any patterns that are arising and break the ongoing cycles. Reoccurring events that happen in your life, which drain power, are screaming for you to navigate in a different way. This could be honest communication within your self or with others. This can be a number of things that you are acting upon, which are not alignment with your integrity and soul purpose. This can arise as something small that grows into a mighty parasite, feeding off you if you do not pay attention. In the Five of Swords the parasite has been cut, which means what has drained your energy is now being exposed. This dark aspect is now out in the open and you are witnessing and acknowledging it now.

You are now able to see what is leaking energy from your temple. As you identify where this energetic leak is happening, and address this energy, it will begin losing power immediately. There are some energies by themselves that will drop away once you remove attention from the parasite. However, whatever is present right now is asking for acknowledgement. Give it full attention and space for it to rise and leave. This gentle way of seeing and holding space will allow this to be released. Some patterns are deeply rooted within, but when you choose to stop identifying with them and release the hold, these energies will be free to move on.

You are a vast and limitless being, bound only by yourself. You alone hold yourself hostage by repeating patterns that no longer serve you. As you inquire into your patterns, you can see easily how they are fueling your identification to a certain state of being. You are allowed to give up old stories. Allow what is true in the present moment to shine through. Empower yourself by releasing old and broken stories about false ideas of who you are. Be excited of the immensity of your own freedom. On the other side of self destructive patterns, you are open and free, without identification to people, stories, wounds, events, etc. There is infinite space and possibility, where only Magick is present. The old pattern that is being witnessed now is seen as it is finally being released. Grace is moving all.

Five of Swords represents defeat of the ego. The kind of defeat that must be acknowledged, and through this defeat, you will rise in true power of Spirit into a new and free energetic body. You are realigning with natures harmonic rhythm. Through your own experience and defeats you will listen more intuitively in ways your spirit wishes to move. You are developing a deeper trust with yourself, your vibration, your spoken voice, written word, visions, dreams, and movements. You see you cannot ignore what is felt inside and you align again with your natural movement.

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