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Five of Pentacles

Against a black background, a red, wilted rose sheds one petal from her bloom. At the top of the card there is half a moon shining with a string of pentacles in between the light and dark of the card. There is sadness and loss present within realms of spirit and in the material world. This is a time where a feeling of aloneness is present, the kind of aloneness that makes you dive deeper within. There is an overwhelming feeling of lack as though there is no energy to move forward.

As you undergo a series of deaths, you are shedding old versions of you that do not support your new energetic vibrational evolution. There is energy arising to the surface which needs acknowledgment and release for you to move forward and create the dream life that is deep in your heart. As you take full responsibility for yourself and your path, you will know what you can no longer allow in your field. Loss and defeat experienced and released will turn into a new, clear space of internal power to transmute external sources of joy into a deeper looking within. As chaos is being experienced, this is extending the opportunity for greater self love to bloom. As you wake up more fully to your internal flame, and no longer seek this from outside sources, you will discover the time and space you need to bloom with richness and beauty.

As you open your inner eye, you are no longer walking around blindfolded, perceiving only the three dimensional world. You are seeing through your intuitive knowing what is going on through many layers of your experience. Everything in the world is reflecting back to you where you see abundance or lack within. What is it that feels missing that is not already present with you right now? Attune closely and see if you are holding energy from yourself. Can the people around you, your work, or any situation, keep you from being who you are? It can be easy to blame others for your hurt, but what is this experience reflecting about what you allow? There is something present that points back to what you accept and do not accept. Nothing can shift your present moment naturalness of being unless you give up inner authority and leak your own power. As you experience this death, your illusions are leaving you. Grieve and feel them. And know this is a celebration for these energies to be released. Your power will be uncovered again and you will come forth stronger, with greater illumination and depth.

Allow your self to fully listen to your own inner voice and allow decaying aspects of you to die. Make space to continue to bloom into a field of crystal roses.

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