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Five of Cups

Five of Cups immediately evokes a feeling of sadness and despair. The color of the horse is white, symbolizing purity and innocence. The horse’s head hangs low in the darkness, absorbed in energy that is pained, doubtful, and grim. Above the horses head is a light space with five cups hovering above. The cups are on a higher plane than the horse, and he pays no attention to their presence. Instead, his energy is focusing attention upon the darker aspects of his experience. He completely misses that there are always both energies of shadow and light in every moment. You are never fully engrossed in darkness. By focusing solely in the direction of darkness, it will appear all consuming. When looked at more closely, the horse has a slight smile, barely noticeable. An energy is felt that perhaps on some level, this dark energy is enjoyed. He is adding fuel to this low vibration. While there are five cups floating above, the energy here suggests there is a choice of you not wanting to see.

To see a free-spirited and strong creature slumped over in darkness is suggesting that you are not aligned with your soul purpose. You will intuitively know what the card is pointing to as it is drawn. The initial feeling the Five of Cups is alluding to is worth the investigation. This is a portal that connects you to a deeper healing in order to reveal your light. If there is a time where you are not expressing passions that are intertwined deeply with your heart, you will lose your vibrant and spontaneous nature. Your unique soul expressions are a vital part of your health and happiness. They are fully linked with the main source of your life-force and purpose. Prioritizing only practical matters before what makes your soul dance, will invite sadness and despair into your life. These destructive energies will creep in and replace creative vision and expression if you let them. Five of Cups invites balance to what is practical in nature, but to never forget what excites and nourishes you at your core. Although this present time can have a shade of powerlessness on various levels, you always have the power of attention.

Where are you focusing your attention?

Five of Cups represents a loss or pain intertwined with shame and guilt that is felt. This is what keeps your energy shrouded in darkness. The pain felt is not coming from the experience itself, but from the mental and emotional activity, added to the turmoil already being experienced.

Release victimization and release the past.

It is time to shake the ghosts that are draining your Spirit. There is a time to feel it all, but there is also a time to check in and make sure you are not dwelling in the darkness. Dive into your shadow work, but do not set up camp and remain there. The waters are always moving, and there is the opportunity to navigate in a different way. Five of Cups represents all forces of darkness, which are draining your life force. Ask yourself, has there been an investment in that which is no longer serving you? The time has come to get fresh energy flowing. Take what information, energy, and tools you have learned through this experience and move into your next brighter and lighter life.

Lay naked at the altar of pain and allow your Mars fire to simmer into the sweet love of Venus. Allow this shrine to rise as a catalyst for all consuming creation. The glorious artists who have walked this earth experienced tremendous pain and transmuted this energy to the beauty of Venus’ golden flame. You are not a label or shape that can be seen and felt as one dimension. You are vast with infinite faces and bodies. You are a shapeshifting sphere of multidimensionality. Identification with one aspect of yourself, while having a distaste for the others, cuts off invaluable aspects of your ever blooming, time-traveling being.

Five of Cups is an opportunity to embrace what may feel harsh in the beginning. This is a reminder to not dwell and know you have the power for all to be transmuted into creative energy. Birth your most brilliant creation, waiting to come forth. As death comes to an aspect of being, you are ready for the creative force to move you to higher grounds. Embody the Spirit of a wild and free horse, having the infinite expanse of the plains and canyons to roam in beauty.

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