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Father of Swords

The Father of Swords depicts an owl peering forward, with focused eyes. The owl is perched on a rainbow colored sword. The owl can see in all directions, angles, and from many perspectives. This allows him to see why the world moves as it does and gives him an unending well of wisdom. This has grown from honoring his sacred vow of Truth. The owl pierces the veils of illusion and draws from truth and understanding. He protects the sword as a symbol of drawing on Truth, as the world around tests his authenticity. He moves with absolute mental clarity.

The Father of Swords looks at all perspectives and listens to what people say, with openness, as to what they may offer. Since he is always aligned at his core, he pierces through illusions instantly. He abides in absolute clarity of mind, with strength and wisdom emanating from his experiences. He draws upon this wisdom from this life and previous lives. The fierce look the owl carries has come through his lifetimes of experiences. Now he is firmly rooted, on his sword of clarity, intently listening to his connection with Source. The Father of Swords is a reminder to not waver because of judgements others may have, but to continue moving in your truth. Do not give attention to doubts and fears. The Father of Swords knows he must stay true to what is naturally emerging from his connection to all that is.

The Father of Swords has an understanding of his inner most emotions and the emotions of others. He has become purified and does not invest an ounce of energy into erratic emotions. The Father of Swords can see straight through a situation or experience, to the core of what is being asked. This allows him to move confidently through the experience, guided in the highest way. Although he looks extremely direct and fierce, he has a deep understanding of the layers that many beings are trapped by. He denies them all. His experiences in life have helped him empathize with these aspects of self, without getting entangled into the illusions they are.

Owl energy is a direct reminder to allow yourself fully to see in 360 degrees. Your moment to moment experience is your highest guide. All that you have experienced and digest will continue revealing how you can navigate each situation in the highest way. When you are living in alignment with your heart, there is no reason to explain yourself. You are in alignment with your Divine Will. Release any identification that feels the need to defend yourself. The freedom of your being has no need for defense.

It is only your identity that wishes to defend an illusionary aspect of a false notion of self.

The moment this is dropped, a great space is revealed inside that leaves infinite room to live authentically. Allow others to be free and have judgements, but stay firm in what is true to your heart. Judgements others have about another are more deeply judgements towards themselves. A judgement is only accepted because, in some way, you still believe in this false truth. As you gain more confidence on your path, there may be those who who don’t understand you, and there will also be those that celebrate you. Your path is your responsibility to continue and forge forward, whether everyone is in agreement or not. Move boldly and align completely with the divine unfolding of your true will.

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  • Yarusha says:

    This explanation you have given is absolutely correct and I’m really blown away. I recently pulled this card in my reading. I did not fully understand it, but I knew in the days to come the card would begin to play out in my life. And today I began to experience all of what you have described here. I felt the need to look up the card again bc I knew it had been activated in my life. Yet I still couldn’t pin point What exactly The Father of Swords meant. Then I read this and I’m thankful that you have shared this incredible wisdom. Wow, you have a gift . Thank you!

    • MiraSol says:

      Yarusha, happy you found the post. I never know who will come across and read. I’m happy you connected with the writing. It is your own words you read, they come from your heart as well as mine. Sending love to you on this beautiful journey. We are blessed. Infinitely blessed.