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Father of Pentacles

Father of Pentacles is a regal stag. His antlers show the entire spectrum of rainbow colors. He has loved and continues to love the game of material success. For him it is a game, and one he plays with the blazing fire of enthusiasm. His worth does not stem from his material success, but he allows the game of creativity and money to be a joyful pursuit. Deeply, he knows his oneness with the universe is what allows him to play this game. First and foremost, he is in alignment with this. Then his play with wealth and life is tremendous fun and joyfully light. Energy emanates out from one single pentacle between his antlers. He is overflowing with abundant energy and shares his internal wisdom, knowledge, and material wealth, with all who are open to receive. He is abundant in all aspects and finds no use of this wealth, unless it is shared with all of life.

Father of Pentacles represents an abundant life. He has a secure internal foundation, creative ambition, discipline in his craft, and cares deeply for others through his guidance, wisdom, and financial support. The Father of Pentacles has the ability to turn all he touches into pure gold. He puts every ounce of his energy into his work and he never fails. He has learned that when his heart is absolutely absorbed in what he is doing, there is no room for failure. He has failed enough doing what is not aligned with him to know this from experience. He joyfully continues on his endeavors with ease and vibrant passion. He is an inspiration to all whom he encounters because of the spirit in which he moves. His actions always fully match his words. Those who come across him listen carefully to all which he says, because his words match the abundant experience he has created for himself.

As you continue embarking on a business, creative journey, or project, the fruits of your labor will continue rippling out in every direction. You will attract the exact people, experiences, and situations that you want in your field to continue expanding. Allow every vibrating cell of your being into your creations with full joy. As you put every ounce of creative energy into what you wish to focus on, you will see abundant results on every level of being. As you continue investing your energy in alignment with your work, you will find branches of unknown opportunity opening new portals of awareness for you. As you discover and explore this delicious playground with infinite possibilities, you open new doors within your field that stretch the limits of what is possible.

Create magick and abundance on the highest planes.

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  • Kate says:

    Amazing, you have a true gift. Thank you!

    XO, Kate

  • MiraSol says:

    I have one more left to go! Just posted Eight of Cups:) Two of Pentacles is next:) Happy you are enjoying my love! Makes me smile! 😀 <3

  • Terri says:

    I can’t find the Son of Pentacles 🙂

    • MiraSol says:

      I have about 6 or 7 cards left Terri! Hehe! I will write Son of Pentacles tomorrow morning when I wake up! Its obviously the card for tomorrow 🙂 Love to you beauty <3

      • Terri says:

        I realized that you haven’t finished all the cards yet after I had pressed send ?
        Thank you for your beautiful soul and insights.