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Father of Cups

Father of Cups displays a black swan, with a calm demeanour, sitting on the water. There appears to be rain coming down depicted by vertical, black lines in the background. There is a black cup at the top of the card above the swan. Father of Cups is emotionally stable exudes a subtle strength in his presence. He has an understanding of the waves of emotion and thoughts that arise.

He is One as awareness.

As you now have learned to navigate through dark times, you have realized these waves are have strengthened you by releasing what isn’t true. You move through hardship gracefully in your unshakeable understanding. You see all is in perfect, divine unfolding, bringing exactly what you need. This allows you to connect with many beings, no matter where you are in the world. You draw from your universality to be called where you are needed. You are a guide for others when they are getting entangled with thoughts and emotions, providing a safe haven for them to be and feel their inner fire once again. This space created for fellow brothers and sisters allows you to see their thoughts and emotions for the impermanent nature they are. You guide them back to their inner sanctum, empowering them to be guided by true will.

The Father of Cups is a reminder to become in touch with Source. Your natural vibration is to be honored first, which dispels all perceived problems. You know everything you have been through is all for the greater good, because you have honored each step. Father of Cups reminds you of your eternal strength and to not get swept away by what is fleeting. He is a loving energy that has untapped resources for all- Infinite love and gratitude for all people and creatures of this life. He can read the energy of people and navigate accordingly, creating balance and harmony within all situations.

You are the embodiment of peace and calm- stable emotional energy. You can be trusted to share experiences with and compassionately understands the heart of all human beings. You are allowed to feel everything deeply, no matter what comes. This card is a reminder to embody all aspects of self, light and dark. All is a divine play of consciousness- a miraculous gift for you to experience. Stability does not mean you don’t experience emotions.

Stability is you as undivided presence in the Spirit of Truth.

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  • Holly says:

    I pulled this card and it matches me exactly lately. Beautifully written. Thank you.

    • MiraSol says:

      Happy you found the writing to match you. I love this deck so much. Has inspired me in so many ways. Blessings to you <3

      • Zen says:

        I keep pulling this card way too often, and not sure what is trying to tell me. But your interpretation has been helpful. Thank you.

        • MiraSol says:

          The information will come when the time is right. Your awareness is pointed in that direction so it must reveal itself when ripe. Happy the interpretation was helpful & Blessings on your journey~