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Eight of Wands

Eight of Wands illustrates a circle of wands meeting at the center, with a rainbow lightning bolt striking from the top. This jolt of energy has been waiting to burst forth. A creative project that has been marinating is ready to be reengaged with and come to completion. Eight of Wands is a new project coming forth with no distractions present, only focused passion. There is a balance here with aligned action and creative raw ideas, working simultaneously for a vision to fully luxuriate.

What is it that has been stirring inside that is ready to come forth? With all the supportive and strong energy surrounding the card, there are no excuses or setbacks to complete your project. Since there is powerful energy within you now, it is wise to stay focused and bring this project to full completion. The original vision, brewing for a long time now, has cultivated many ingredients of the recipe, ready to be fully cooked. Allow it to pour out fully with love and focus to see the magick that arises. Your creativity is ready to burst open and be shared with the world.

Now is the time to gather all the resources that you presently have to allow full fruition of this vision to take place. Many beings will allow excuses of not enough resources, money, or time, to get in the way of a vision.

If you think something is in your way, that something is you.

Your experience of life will always reflect your limited belief system. If you know deeply that you have all that you need to complete a vision, life will reflect back to you this way of seeing. Allow the challenges to come and move through them. This will expand you with more trust in yourself to accomplish what you came here to do. Tremendous energy is present and you are clear. Give yourself the time and space to breathe and move in your naturalness. Move in accordance with your Divine Purpose.

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