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Eight of Swords

A butterfly, tightly wrapped in its cocoon, hangs from a sword. She is surrounded by seven swords which are not touching her, but if she opens her wings the swords will rip her to pieces. It appears there is no way of expanding. The butterfly is stuck and unable to open her wings in fear of what may happen. The energy of the card is frozen and unable to make any movement. The butterfly cannot see as she is hidden within herself, and this does not allow for even the slightest movement. This keeps her trapped, unable to expand. What is it that keeps the butterfly bound? Her sight is blinded, keeping her immobile and fragile. There must be another way.

The current way of seeing isn’t showing a possibility for expansion. Any feeling of being the victim of experience is what will keep you bound. Open yourself to allow movement within your being and mind, to see other possible solutions. The solution from within will free you without. There cannot be any healthy movement when the belief of victimhood is present. Open your inner eye to infinite possibilities and healthy positive outcomes. These surround you in all directions, and shift your inner-eye of seeing. Remember your vibration, thoughts, inner dialogue, and actions are creating the current state you are living. Before taking any new actions, remove the blindfold that keeps you small and limited. Take aligned action. Do not take action based on the current perceived limitations.

There is a powerlessness present with the Eight of Swords. There is no where to move and no where to go. This is an illusion that has created a prison around your wings. It is time to acknowledge illusions and see how they have been at play within your mind. When these are seen, you can step back into your own power and activate right choice and action, from a healthy and luminous space. Ever present are infinite choices in every moment. This is a time to open to what your internal dialogue is speaking. It is time to step into where you have ignored, neglected, or murdered certain aspects of yourself. Regain illumination for your strength once again. This will open up energy that has been closed and bring the breath of life, choice, right action, and vibrancy into your being. It is a powerful time of transforming old ways and moving into your light and higher realms. You will never repeat the same language you were once using. You are undergoing immense transformation and growth, when seeing through the veils of self imposed illusion. This will give birth to your higher self that is moving through you, and demolish an old version that is no longer vibrating with your soul path.

As you become clear, light is flooding your field. Your new energy will open many doors. When you truly want to see your experience for what it is, you will be able to see how your actions gave birth to your present moment experience. As you say yes and no to life, doors open and close. You are refining your field and trusting each new experience. As you continue to say no and yes when you mean it, you develop, learn, grow, and change what you will allow into your life. You are trusting your guidance in an ever deepening way.

The Eight of Swords is saying to be honest with yourself. Allow what is healthy for you, which is the highest value. If you are being faced with a choice or a new transition in life, only allow what you value to be held highly. Do not entrap yourself in situations or experiences that are out of alignment with your values. There are no closed doors, only portals of choice. Realign with your values, honor them, and do not settle for lower vibrations. Allow your actions and movements to be honored by what you value at your core. Know that those who oppose you are teaching you what you do honor, and that which you do not. As your heart is open to divine grace, it will be easy to let those who do not hold the same values fall away. Life will bring those that are in alignment with you to be by your side. As you harmonize with your will, you make choices from your divine blueprint. Your path will continue revealing itself in an ever expanding and joyful way.

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