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Eight of Pentacles

The Weaving of the Web. One meaning of spider is linked with Maya, coming from the Sanskrit root Ma ā€“ no form or limit. The web of the spider can be seen when we focus on detail, as we become the spider and the web that is being woven. The term Maya refers to not all things being as they appear to be. As we tune more deeply into the web, we can bring our attention more closely to the silvery threads of how we are building, and how we choose to continue weaving. The moment to moment details of our lives encompass infinite possibilities of how we choose to create. Eight of Pentacles shows itself at times of deep emersion in the details of your work- a fullness that embodies complete attention and devotion to your craft. Eight of Pentacles can also swing the other way, infinite possibilities means anything you focus on will grow. This calls to pay attention to the frequencies you are tuning into. Embody your Magick, beauty, and what is true to the devotion of your path.

The focus at this time is of one pointed attention. This card is a purely focused and joyful work that is an embodiment of the individual souls calling. This is now being fine tuned and birthed into creation. There is high forward moving energy of love and creativity, ethereal, and strategic movements flowing in harmonious tandem. Eight of Pentacles represents no end to learning, through and beyond contrast, in the infinite spectrum of offerings which refine the weaving. This gives birth to organic creations sprouting from the raw wilderness of heart-space. Eight of Pentacles emphasizes joy, focus, and dedication, each day to your work, play, creation, and vision. The gateways of the infinite appear as the dance continues through the lines of light frequency tuning.

As you inquire into your weaving, you begin fine tuning your frequency, with exact precision- in Sanskrit, this is called Tantra. You can see how life will shift rapidly and flow with great ease, as you embody your full, intricate, and fine tuned weaving of the worlds you are now ready to explore. Life is responding to this newfound energetic mastery of divination and weaving, revealing clues to you in each moment. As you allow complete devotion to your dreams and bring them into consistent action each day, you naturally surrender to unknown realms of magick and wonder. Weave your web of frequency.

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