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Eight of Cups

Eight shattered white chalices are at the foot of a dark mountain with an unknown horizon beyond. It is time to move forward and leave the past behind. Eight of Cups is about a great change that is known or felt within. Something must shift. Or you have already decided to take the leap. Internally, there is already the presence of a gut-wrenching knowing that you must move in a new direction. As you travel the inner and outer realms of life, you begin to take on what is fulfilling and rich in life.

As you continue your journey, you are learning, growing, observing, and taking action in ways which invigorate your life and also deplete your field. This is how you learn discernment to navigate more wisely. Open your eyes to what resides in the deepest core of yourself and honor what wishes to be valued, cherished, and nourished. Become acutely attuned with this inner golden core of your being. Only invite that which serves your highest good and detect efficiently that which does not. The Eight of Cups is a drastic change that makes space and movement toward that which is in higher alignment with your connection to your individual, collective and evolving path. Become raw, open, vulnerable, and honest. Move forward to that which nurtures, supports, and holds your sacred path of light.

As you acknowledge the change that needs to occur, internal space becomes open and light for new movement to be made internally and externally. Eight of Cups can be painfully beautiful. As you see what no longer serves, you make the choice to rise into new territory and celebrate a new way of vibrant living. Reassess and evaluate what you value and what no longer rings true. The choice is in your hands to make a step forward and align with your Divine Will. Eight of Cups looks dark, but as this darkness is acknowledged, a breath of fresh air is inhaled and new perspectives arise. This leads to more magick, possibilities, and a great abandoning of poisons and toxins within and without. As you face these dark layers from denied territories within you, you expose the immense beauty that is birthing itself into existence. You are pregnant with new life, and a fresh way of being. Death and birth are tied in as the One. As you uncover what was dormant, you awaken the sleeping beast of wild fire within.

What has been seen and fully acknowledged? Is there still an aversion to this honesty? A response will come within. Deep in your womb, you know. Tune in and pay attention. The answers will present themselves. Eight of Cups is drastic change. The next trajectory is lighter and brighter once deep recognition takes place. Turn the vibration of fear into excitement.

The next chapter of the unknown is a step in the right direction. It is the rainbow after the storm. You are being pulled into right alignment with soul purpose. It is a time when profound realizations of your unique direction and path are leading the way. You will release these old energies to create new space and new life.

Dive deeply, be honest, and watch the Magick that arises from this rawness of Spirit.

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