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13. Death- The Nameless One

To be fooled by the appearance of this card is to miss the tremendous power that lives here. Although all you might see is darkness, death, and endings, it is this very destruction which replaces your personal eyes with the one eye of Great Spirit. The loss and destruction in all forms, inner and outer, takes place to assist the evolution of the Spirit. All masks of God are used to assist your discovery of original source. To trust this change is to place your trust in a deeper union of self- to remove that which has outgrown an old paradigm. The original tarot did not have the name Death as card XIII. It was a nameless card. Do not be swayed by the modern name of death, for this is beginning of a new life replacing you as pure spirit.

As you merge into your God-Self, a purification of your spirit strips away all that is not original to your essence. A rapid transformation is occurring because of your readiness and attention to what is of highest importance. As you discard energies that do not serve your highest good, you open new dimensions for growth. Every time you cut out what has not served the jewel of your being, you have created a sanctuary for God to enter and grow a garden. This continual process, honored fully, awakens an infinite expansion of growth, beauty, and ascension into higher realms. There are always beings behind you and always beings ahead of you in this process.

Release any preservation of objects, people, work, beliefs, and energies that cause harm to you on any level of your being. This will slow down your progress. It is a myth that progress must be slow. You may activate within your field exactly how quickly you wish to progress on your path. Try it yourself to see. You may do an experiment and ask for proof of this. You are equipped with infinite intelligence on all levels that reveals itself when you are ready. As this release of unnecessary energies takes place, there is a shift that causes a frequency of love to fill the gaps in your field. As this continues to emanate through your being, you begin to merge with the God-Self. Love frequency continues to reveal new doorways that open to higher realms of experience.

Allow this death to give birth to a Phoenix.

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