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Daughter of Wands

Daughter of Wands is the expansive and artistic grace and ease that moves within you. You are a free spirit at the inner most part of your being. As you listen deeply to intuition, you give yourself full permission to move in heart aligned direction, with full power. You perceive limitation as barriers to move through, assisting your highest expansion. You take each stride with humility, love, and respect for this Divine orchestration. You are in unity with the creative expression, divinely unveiling itself in every moment. You discover your freedom in the natural unfoldment, leaving behind your past, whilst caring for each lesson discovered. You are not scared of the future or where it will lead. You are moving with a quiet confidence that knows you are always placed where you need to be for your highest alignment.

As you understand time in the realm you reside, you also recognize your timeless unfolding journey. Notice that the more you create with what aligns with your soul, the more time dissipates. Open this magickal opportunity to discover, play, create, enjoy and expand. Trust each step is divinely guided moment to moment. Therefore, the outcome that is designed by Spirit will always be perfect. The Daughter of Wands is a snake in the shape of an infinity sign. Her blooming wand is gently being held within her embrace. The background she rests upon is black, implying the void she draws her creativity from. Allow your movements to spring from the truth and integrity of your deepest unfolding self. You will see and experience the magick of all light and dark within the great harmony.

Daughter of Wands represents everything that is living fully here and now. She is living an abundant and sensuous life. The serpent represents moving intuitively with the power that is your natural birthright. Daughter of Wands carves her own way. She is tapped into an unending source of creativity, directly from Source. She is light hearted and sees, creates, and experiences magick through the unraveling of her journey.

At this time you are creating, inspired, and feel fully activated and alive.

There is nothing holding you back from doing what you love. You have released lower vibrational energies of what is not serving you in order to bloom into your highest alignment. You are walking the path desired by the most intimate parts of you with absolute commitment. You see now that all that you resisted before was inner fear holding you back from taking a leap into the wild unknown. You are embracing this mystery and joyfully excited to wake up each day to experience the days’ new light. You feel connected to your work, which emerges effortlessly with emerald blooms.

If any doubts begin to arise while you are in such an alive spirit, know that it is only a thought stream that you may gratefully choose to release. Trust fully in what emerges through you and continue rising in your being. Dreams, aspirations, and gifts beckon you to look deeper and nurture these jewels. As you focus on these aspects and let them grow, you will continue refining your gifts. This will allow opportunities for joy and expansion to bless your life. As you create beyond the small limitations of fear and doubt, you will find yourself running in jubilant glee in this wondrous space of love and devotion. Invite your focus, grounded, and fearless nature to rise in your being. Settle deep into the womb of the earth. As you devote your attention on your wand of creation, you will bloom in ways that will bring your head and heart to the ground in absolute joy and humility.

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