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Daughter of Swords

The Owl is perched atop a black sword, with a starry night sky glowing around her. The Daughter of Swords pierces softly through illusion. The owl sees through the game of fear and the strong sense of false identification of self. She sees through illusion, and rests in her star filled being. If identification sprouts within yourself as fear, remove the power of this invisible ghost. Fears that arise within are internal responses that are created by the false self appearing real. These fears that have been nurtured and protected, gain strength each time you bow down to their force.

Are you giving power to your fears? Or, do you remain as the truth of who you are? Move through the arising fears. When you release control on how you think things should be, fear falls away easily. The light of our being shines through. Daughter of Swords reminds you that you cannot protect what is false, because it is not in accordance to the natural laws which unfold in life. You are pure Spirit and you feel this with moonstone delight, when you align with the Universe. The owl is perched on the sword of Truth. When this sword is felt, in its simplicity, it cuts through all imagined stories and beliefs holding you prisoner.

The Owl perched on top of the sword holds the light of all emanations. She rests in this space and moves with grace. Daughter of Swords recognizes when pain comes, it is a gift. Look where the pain is coming from and feel into this whole heartedly. Sitting in the silence of your own being, you can allow all pain to arise and all emotions. They ask to be seen. As you give yourself honest space to feel, you address anything within that desires recognition. This allows immense healing to take place, with nothing being ignored or denied. Daughter of Swords is a reminder to look within and not ignore the natural signals of the emotional, mental, physical, energetic, and astral bodies. All of these aspects are working to guide you on the path.

As you honor yourself and take time to be with what is arising, you continuously create a safe and receptive space within. You are not meant to ignore painful experiences when they arise. The more attuned you become to your own being, the more intimately you will know when something within is asking for attention. As old phantoms leave the body, recognition takes place for darkness to rise. When you see it is simply energy arising, you give full permission for these energies to be transformed. The play of light and dark are working in harmony to continuously open discovery. This contrast is essential to being alive. The longer we are here, the more gratitude arises for the divine play. If we only engage with light or dark experiences, there would be no depth to your character. The play of dark and light are both working to move you to higher grounds and allow you to discover and move with greater understanding.

Daughter of Swords is the embodiment of authenticity. The stream of life is asking you to surrender to the highest. This is a natural movement of Grace. Are you embodying Truth, or are you shying away from your natural movements? Life is here to experience the divinity that you are. Step into your highest role, that you intuitively know and feel within. Be with that which raises you, rather than cripples and weakens you. In each moment through each interaction, you are consistently given the opportunity to be in your heart or stand in the shadows. Daughter of Swords claims to stand in your light.

The light has nothing to hide.

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