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Daughter of Pentacles

The Daughter of Pentacles depicts a delicate, yet strong fawn, about to embark on an unknown journey. She has a great deal to learn and explore. This will not hold her back from being open and receptive to life. Her youth and childlike exploration and wonder of the world will carry her through all her experiences. She looks before her with awe and excitement, not fearing what she may encounter on her journey.

The Daughter of Pentacles asks what project or venture are you working on, and how can you take the excited energy present to the completion of the project? The fire must be nurtured to turn this creative dream into living reality. Daughter of Pentacles is the energy around a dream that wishes to come into the physical realm. This card represents the beginning stages of the vision, which contains high energy that needs to be guided and sustained throughout the entire venture. The initial fire must be tended to consistently each day to keep this momentum going.

The invitation is to take your present moment excitement and take practical steps everyday. If something truly wishes to move through you in an authentic way, naturally you will invest time and energy daily to develop this project. Allow any fear of future outcome to fall away and be fully engaged with each action you invest into your project. Allow yourself to disappear in the process. It will happen anyway if this is something Divine which must move through you. This will create a vision of present moment pure love, no matter what the outcome is. If you are only thinking of the outcome, the process will be riddled with agitation and fear, tainting its purity. Release the outcome and devote yourself moment by moment to your craft.

When you commit loving energy to a creative project, work venture, or hobby, you emit a frequency of love and gratitude, because you are investing your precious time into gifts, talents, and authentic interests. As you move from this space, you will quickly find all forces align to assist your genuine movements. When you work and invest energy in places or with people that are not aligning with your energy, you become depleted. The magick begins to unfold when you honor your heart. Then what naturally wishes to manifest comes into being.

This can happen very quickly. Your life can change dramatically when you leave that which doesn’t serve you. Do not move out of fear and the fulfilment of false security. Daughter of Pentacles shows you it is okay to be unsure and to still move in the direction of what sets your heart on fire. If you knew exactly where you were going, this wouldn’t be that much fun, would it?! Your visions and dreams come to you specifically for a reason. Only you can carry them through and into the world.

Embrace the mystery you are already living. Embrace the wild unknown.

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