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Ace of Pentacles

Ace of Pentacles is filled with vibrant and inspiring energy. Pentacles are associated with the earth element and the material realm. Ace of Pentacles is connected to the physical realm of material and financial aspects of life. It is also recognition of abundance in yourself that is the invisible thread connecting you to the material. This can be a new idea arising that can expand into a prosperous venture, both internally and in the physical. A new energy emerges inside you to bring a fresh outlook into your business life and expand on what you already have. This could also be embarking on a different journey entirely that can be more fulfilling in all aspects of your being. Your are seeing with clear vision. With everything you do at this time, there is an unending well of vitality propelling you forward. You are trusting this clear inner voice, guided purely by grace. Whether this is a period of knowing what direction you want to explore, or embarking on a new path entirely, you are guided every moment. All the forces are with you to match the light energy you are feeling inside. When you are inspired, creative, and trusting of the natural unfolding, magick is here.

Ace of Pentacles is not only tied to material aspects of your world. When you are truly tapped into your spirit, you understand that you are limitless in what you can create. Your being is unbound and free, as it is only illusions that mask your vastness. Be free in your creations. You can play in any direction that sets your heart on fire and you will be supported fully. Ace of Pentacles is full abundance within your life, and asks you to take a look where you are perceiving lack. Are you truly experiencing lack, or are you creating a false belief that you do not have enough?

When you are tapped into your authentic self, you are supported by unlimited resources, both spiritual and material, The Ace of Pentacles is a reminder that you contain everything you need. If you wish to create something, all the power is in you to create it. Allow yourself to be empty in your being, and creations will happen of themselves. Each day you are here, you are given the opportunity to see and experience beauty. If you look with eyes of infinite gratitude and compassion for life, you will amazed by the unlimited supply of energy that is ever flowing. It will be easy for you to create because you will see that you are a powerful and creative force. The more you allow yourself to be as you are, in your raw authentic beauty, all forces will arise to create in alignment with this raw authenticity. This is not something separate from you. This is part of your natural movement in life. This is not something special that only certain people have. It is simply a shift into the receiving mode, so you can be an empty vessel for the Divine to flow.

Sometimes as humans we think we are obligated to keep creating in a way that pays bills and takes care of practical matters only. What would happen if you knew you were fully supported by all of creation to work and play with what you cherish most? Wouldn’t it seem easier to move in that direction, if you knew that you cannot lose anything besides what is not serving your highest unfoldment? As you move in the direction of what sets your heart on fire, you will find that it is much easier than you thought. It is only your fear that holds you back from doing what feels most authentic to you.

When you carve your own path, you must be courageous in your faith of what you love, and release all judgements within yourself. Continue fearlessly, and know that all forces are with you when you have faith. You are not here to fulfil anyones projections of what they think you should be, or what you think you should be. You are here to be naturally as you are and let all of creation move through you. When you are in alignment with yourself, you will not lose anything of importance- only a false dream of how you thought you should be.

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  • Angell Gann says:

    I just want to say thank you so much!! Your intuitive perspective on these decks has help me find clearing and understanding many many times! I feel so grateful. Sending love to you💜💜🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    • Samira says:

      Oh!!! I am ever so happy to hear this! Makes my heart beam with pure bliss to know this news! Receiving your wonderful love and sending you so much beauty and magick your way. I will now be posting new writings for The Moonchild Tarot deck, which if you have not seen or heard of….it is a breathtaking creation! I am ever so thrilled to share more with you. Blessings and love beautiful soul! xoxo *~ Samira ~*

  • Shaunese says:

    Absolutely beautiful!! So much light and inspiration in this card. And how comforting to know of the support you truly have no matter which direction you flow. Thanks for your wonderful interpretations of these cards. ?

  • Sarah says:

    I am enjoying your posts so much, Samira! Each day when I pull a card, I turn to your wisdom and insight to help further my own understanding. Thank you.

    • MiraSol says:

      Happy to hear you are enjoying the posts Sarah:) I’m enjoying the flow of writing,sharing, and tarot. Love and blessings to you<3

  • Helena Goodwill says:

    So beautiful Samira ? Thanks for being tapped into the truth and joy of you and for sharing it with the world ??

    • MiraSol says:

      Helena! Thank YOU for being the beautiful joyful spirit you are and dancing with me. I feel so greatful we met and I cherish you in my heart. Thank you into infinity my love <3