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Ace of Cups

Grace of Love radiates into, through, and around the Ace of Cups. Nourishment on all levels of being are expressed fully in the present moment. Light is descending through your crown and into your being, crystallizing and blooming within every cell. You radiate contentment and ease that are glowing through your field in decadent, juicy, creative abundance. You are filled with the Spirit of Love. There is not one drop of conflict with what is.

Ace of Cups is abundant, fresh, and outpouring with inspiration, love, and wisdom. This gives tremendous space within to play, feeling light and free. This also enriches the lives of others with the gifts you have and continue to receive. Originating from a space that is clear, open, and imbued with rose infused love, Ace of Cups overflows in labradorite geometries, weaving webs of abundance shared through understanding. Full allowance of the divine play is present, unfolding the glorious gifts given to those who are ready to receive the next golden step into sustainable growth, flowering from pure hearted awareness.

Ace of Cups’ sweet nectar pours itself into you from heavenly realms. It gives birth to what is seen and experienced. A child’s playful essence is interwoven with mature depth and unending appreciation through experience of being. Recognize your inherent freedom and the freedom of all of life that is present. There is no manipulated, malevolent energy. All has been transmuted into the golden wings of an eagle. There remains a deep awe of all experiences and unfoldings, allowing you to never cease or tire in your growth and expansion. Freedom extends to all of life, like a fountain of deep purple-hued elixir, pouring into the mouth of the earth’s most sacred and hidden caverns. This pure, untainted love moves like a liquid storm of pink lilacs and turquoise roses. Deep relaxation that gives might and security to creative freedom and abundant flow is rediscovered in pure alignment with Spirit. Your entire energetic field dances in the same frequency as Source, unveiling infinite visible threads of light.

Immense creativity pours through like lightning bolts through a desert storm. Allowing this power facilitates growth. You are a conduit of clarity. What pours from this cup is a gift for yourself and equally for those who enter your energetic pathway. The essence of what wishes to come through was patiently dormant until now. Enough space has been experienced to fully allow the red velvet curtain to rise. A blooming voice, intuitive body, and strategic action is embodied to fully move visions to flower anew.

Love is the essence: untainted, pure, and unconditional. Experience this within. Naturally you will attract this love within all relationships- a meeting of pure reflections, what is held within your multidimensional, time traveling heart. Allow this love to expand into the depths of your being. This pure love sheds any final fragmentations of layers, bringing out the shining diamonds waiting to be discovered. This creates a bond and space for deeper love, a grounded earth connection, and ethereal expansion to develop and refine. Love is the guide. Embrace the total beaming beauty of you in realms of subtlety and full rainbow light spectrum. The love that is experienced to such an incomprehensible degree will saturate each of your cells with excitement of what is and what is to come.

Every day will brim with new found possibility and inspired action. You are in direct alignment with the Divine Will.

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