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Creative Entrepreneurs: Do you want to be a Master at Manifestation, own your real magick, and feel confident about actualizing your Soul Manifestations?

Join Master Manifestation Magick, my 90 day signature online course where you will learn to connect to the truth of your being while creating and actualizing your Highest Visions & Soul Manifestations. MMM begins November 11th!

Learning to be a master at manifesting your true Soul Desires. Dance with the ease and precision of your flow state frequency by understanding what resistance is, how to use it, and by tuning into your infinite internal space of deep intuitive knowing and wisdom. Learning how to develop deep Self trust and Self Care, which naturally manifests and magnetizes your Highest Visions directly towards you by taking radical aligned action daily.

Receiving full support with mentorship, guidance and accountability for 90 days (Tier 2 & 3). Becoming confident, excited and taking flight with navigating your Soul Manifestations. Learning to stop procrastination, end self doubt and receive real results in your Soul Manifestations by taking radical aligned actions daily.

Master Manifestation Magick online course is your foundation to have confidence in your ability to continually evolve to the highest peaks of your Highest Visions & Soul Manifestation within your experience now and for your entire rising journey.

Master Manifestation Magick Online Course

Master Manifestation Magick Online Course (MMM) is a 90 day step by step course that helps you learn how to effectively focus on your Quality of Being in order to connect with your Soul Manifestations and reach the results you desire.

Regardless of your past experience with manifestation, MMM is designed to take you beyond your current sphere and into your boundless ability to create. Whether you are a beginner or highly experienced at manifesting, you are always on the edge of expanding in your evolution and capacity. MMM is here to give you the foundation of real Soul Manifestation in a step by step process. You will receive all the tools you need to be a successful and masterful manifestor. All by taking what is given to you through MMM and directly applying it to your current experience.

You are going to learn how to ride the edge of the unknown fearlessly and be the one who receives the high level manifestations by constantly learning how to push these bounds of what is known and move into the grander vision of what your Soul came here to experience.

When you join, you will have mentorship to answer your questions, guide and support you through this 90 day journey.

You will learn EVERYTHING you need to know (quality of being, self care, creating a dreaming space, knowing and trusting yourself, manifesting with purpose, learning the difference between intuition vs. fear, how to direct your flow state frequency and more) through a detailed video course curriculum.

You will be given assignments to complete during your 90 day course and by the end of this journey you will build your confidence, reach your goals and feel at home in yourself as you learn to create with ease.

If you come into any blocks, hurdles, hard days, or challenges…guess what? You will have mentorship to walk you through the process and learn how to overcome these pockets of resistance and move into clarity and ease (Tier 2 & 3).

Inside MMM you receive UNLIMITED DAILY SUPPORT through messaging inside Slack app. where all your questions will be answered, helping you to achieve clarity, make progress, and reach results (Tier 2 & 3).

MMM is a 1 on 1 experience so that you have all the focused attention you need to succeed. This is not a group program where you will be working with the other students in MMM. This allows you to focus on you and your goals without getting distracted by what other students are doing. THIS IS ABOUT YOU AND YOUR SUCCESS!

Anytime you need help, all you need to do is post on Slack, and you will receive a response within 24 hours. Yes, it’s that easy to receive support when you need it!(Tier 2 & 3)

When you join MMM you receive personal guidance from me to hold you accountable for assignments and goals within the program so that you can stay on track for your highest success (Tier 2 & 3).

Receiving the detailed modules, support, and accountability allows you to succeed with your Soul Manifestations and speeds up your process by having a mentor.

Master Manifestation Magick Online Course has the perfect combination of TOOLS, FOUNDATION, SUPPORT, and ACTION to discover, expand and build upon your real Soul Manifestations.

Master Manifestation Magick, 90 day transformation begins November 11, 2021.

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What you will learn during Master Manifestation Magick:

MODULE 1: Why Self Care Matters


  1. Embrace The Changes & Evolve – Don’t Quit, This Is Only The Beginning
  2. Why Self Care Matters
  3. How To Connect With Your Highest Frequency
  4. Guided Meditation: Empty Your Being & Activate Your Highest Frequency
  5. Boundaries
  6. Moving Meditation: Connect With Presence In Every Day Life
  7. Thoughts, Words, Emotions & Actions Create All You Experience
  8. Self Trust & Self Belief
  9. Clear Your Environment and Reprogram Your New Reality
  10. How Self Care Activates Your Highest Unfolding: Cleanliness, Beauty & Adornment
  11. Listen To The Bodies Needs, Pleasures, Signs and Impulses
  12. Clear Unhealthy Relationships – Open To New & Healthy Relationships
  13. Holy Expression – You Cannot Sacrifice Yourself and Be Who You Really Are


In MODULE 1 you will learn the importance of self care, how to use your mental sphere as a practical and imaginative tool to be the director of your experience. You will learn to empty your mind of noisy chatter and focus on your presence and quality of being, activating your highest frequency from within. THIS WILL CHANGE YOUR EXPERIENCE ENTIRELY and allow you to be specific with the thoughts you think – only choosing, speaking, thinking and writing the highest frequencies through the thoughts and words you choose consciously. You will learn how to connect with your presence in every day life, no matter what you are doing and you will learn to revolutionize you inner and outer atmospheres so you can cultivate and prepare your Self and your environment for your highest manifestations. You will learn to listen to the subtleties of the signs your body is giving you to develop a deeper relationship with yourself and receive clues which open the channels for your highest manifestations. You will identify any unhealthy relationships or relationship patterns that you may have which are blocking your highest manifestations from coming into fruition and make the highest choice in this moment now to change what isn’t working. As you clear yourself, your environment and rise in your frequency, using you new thought patterns, words and actions, you prepare yourself to be a Master at Manifestation. THIS IS CLEANING TIME! You must release and continue to release all things which hold down you natural flow state frequency. This has to do with nonphysical within you, physical objects that no longer suit the highest vision of yourself, work and creations that you no longer enjoy, and people in your environment who do not support who you are. The #1 culprit of weight is keeping people in your environment who do not support you, in order to succeed, you can only be surrounded by people who support your true self right now and also the highest vision you have of yourself and your dream life. There are no exceptions to this in order to rise and succeed in your manifestations.

MODULE 2: How To Think Expansively, Cultivate A Dreaming Space & Actualize Your Highest Vision


  1. Nothing Is Here Except By Your Willingness To Accept It
  2. How To Expand Your Imagination
  3. How To Harness & Expand Your Psychic Powers
  4. Pay Attention To Signs, Symbols & Synchronicities
  5. Timing of Your Soul Manifestations
  6. Writing and Journaling: Writing Your Dreams Into Reality
  7. Mood and Vision Boards: Seeing & Feeling Your Reality Into Existence
  8. Meditation Visualization: Create Your Dream Through Visualization

In MODULE 2 you will learn that there is nothing in your experience that can be allowed without your acceptance, belief, fuel, attention and acceptance for it to be here. Your manifestations are entirely up to you – what you allow, what you do not allow, what you tune into and what you do not. There is a moment to moment vigilance that you must cultivate towards your quality of being and Soul Manifestations. You will learn how to expand your imagination and reach farther that you ever have before…believe it or not, dreams are often far bigger than you could ever imagine in the beginning. In MMM you will learn how to expand and cultivate your imagination, so that you are always reaching for your highest vision possible…and beyond. You will learn the importance of your psychic powers, how to catapult them to the next octave, and how they are intimately linked to manifesting your highest visions. You will learn to pay very close attention to the subtle and obvious signs you are receiving, as they are guiding you directly towards your highest Soul Manifestations and giving you daily clues, moment to moment along your journey. You will learn the importance of writing as one of the highest forms of actualizing Soul Manifestations and begin journaling your dreams into reality. You will learn to create mood and vision boards that evoke your ability to see and feel your new reality into existence and you will learn the power of meditation visualization to magnetize your dream to your timeline now by flowing positive emotions to your highest vision. In MODULE 2 you will learn how to tune into and expand your imagination and see where you normally stop yourself from dreaming and where your soul really wants to go with creating your Highest Vision and Soul Manifestations.

MODULE 3: Practical Day To Day Work For Manifestation


  1. Focus On Your Passion: Learn To Not Be Overburdened By Logistics
  2. Organization: Assisting You To Manifest With Greater Ease & Flow!
  3. Commitment To Your Work: What Kind of Work Ethic Do You Have?
  4. Commit To Completing Your Daily Tasks
  5. Take Initiative – Don’t Let ANYTHING Stop Your Creations
  6. Who Do You Admire? Learn From The Best
  7. Practical Tools For Creative Entrepreneurs


In MODULE 3 you will learn how to focus on your passion as your number one priority and not let logistics get the best of you! As a creative entrepreneur your passionate daily actions for what you love is what will allow you to become a master manifestor and slay logistics as your passion burns through them. You will learn the direct link between your organization and what you are manifesting, and rising to your next octave of organization and flow within your experience! You will recommit yourself to your manifestations on an even higher level than ever before and analyze your work ethic and learn how to improve it. You will create daily tasks for yourself that come from your inspiration and commit to completing them daily, through this you will see how your are magnetizing your manifestations to you with greater ease, flow and fun than ever before! You will learn to take full initiative and responsibility on the entirety of your Soul Manifestations – there is nothing you cannot learn and there is nothing that can stop you, this is your new attitude! You will analyze and contemplate the people you admire throughout history, learning only from the best and learning directly from being in their frequency, teachings, books, creations, lectures, work, art etc. You will receive useful and practical tools for creative entrepreneurs to keep you organized and flowing with all that you create!

MODULE 4: Money. Manifestation. Magick.


  1. What Is The Energy of Money?
  2. Money Blocks, Negative Money Associations, Resistance and How To Change Them
  3. How Your Healing Is Directly Connected To Abundance
  4. Creating Wealth Through Mission & Purpose
  5. How To Be A Highly Magnetic Attractor of Money & Abundance On All Levels
  6. Self Inquiry: How Rich Do You Want To Be & Why?
  7. Undervaluing Yourself, Your Merchandise, Course, Service or Product and How To Change It
  8. What Is Your Monthly & Annual Financial Goal? How To Rise To It!


In MODULE 4 you will learn about the energy of money and how this is connected to your quality of connection with Source and your Mission & Purpose. You will learn to move past your money blocks and you will discover how you have created them and how to navigate in a new way that magnetizes your abundance instead of pushing it away. You will learn how to take action and get out of your own way by creating new patterns which will get you out of the ones that are keeping you from your abundance not only with money, but on all levels of being. Money and Abundance blocks are always associated with your healing, this takes vigilant work, and it is always worth everything you are willing to put in to change your experience and RISE in your confidence with your money.

MODULE 5: How To Create Altars for Manifestation


  1. What Is An Altar?
  2. How Altars Work
  3. The Infinite Variety of Altar Creation
  4. The Power of Sigils and Symbols In Altar Creation
  5. Creating An Atmosphere For Manifestation
  6. How To Tend To Your Altar
  7. Release The Arrow – Receive Your Manifestation


In MODULE 5 you will learn about the purpose of an altar, how they work and how it will directly assist you to manifest your Soul’s highest visions. You will learn that there are an infinite variety of ways to create altars and how the possibilities are boundless – exactly like your Soul Manifestations…know no bounds! You will learn the importance of sigils and symbols in altar creation and how they are used to direct the forces of the Universe to play with you and be directed by you in all that you create. You will learn the importance of atmosphere for manifestation and creating atmospheres in order to evoke the correct frequencies for your manifestations to come to you. You will learn how to tend to and change your altar according to your evolving visions and various stages of your manifestation taking place and you will learn to release the arrow and receive your manifestation!

MODULE 6: Who Are You Really? Knowing & Trusting Your True Self


  1. Who Are You Really? Who Do You Envision YourSelf As?
  2. Moving As Your Highest Self
  3. Trust Your Experiences That Have Led You Here
  4. Create Passion & Excitement Around Your Manifestation
  5. Alchemize Longing Into Positive Expectation
  6. Blaze The Trail – Go Where No One Has Gone Before
  7. How To Release Your Dream: Trust & Know It Is Yours


In MODULE 6 you will learn to connect to who you really are and you will also evoke the vision of who you envision yourself as in the future – if you cannot imagine yourself living your highest dream in this moment now, how do you know what to move towards? In MMM you will connect to your True Self and also allow yourself to play with who you want to become. You will learn to move as your Highest Self, embodying new frequencies, actions, thoughts and beliefs that you did not previously have. You will learn to trust all experiences which led you here, all colors of experience no matter how harsh or how beautiful and see how they all create the perfect alchemy for your Soul’s Highest Vision. You will learn to create passion and excitement around your manifestations being in full blown happiness about all that you are creating which directly puts you in the position of being a master magnet manifestor. You will learn to turn your longing of your dreams in positive expectation which changes the vibration into a frequency of attraction instead of repulsion. You will learn to blaze the trail to a higher sphere by treading the path that only the eagles can create, you are here to lead in full blazing fire! You will learn to release your dream, be the attractor, not the chaser – full knowing IT IS YOURS.

MODULE 7: Manifesting With Clarity, Purpose and Pleasure


  1. How To Manifest With Clarity, Purpose, Passion and Pleasure
  2. How To Transform Limiting Beliefs, Patterns and Habits
  3. How To Know The Difference Between Intuition and Fear
  4. How To Be Clear and Precise With What You Are Manifesting


In MODULE 7 you will learn to move moment to moment with clarity, purpose, passion and pleasure within your experience – moving out of old patterns of disbelief and doubt and into full confidence and excitement for what you are creating! You will learn how to transform limiting beliefs, patterns and habits into expansive and positive thought forms – creating new neural pathways for your Soul Manifestations to manifest with higher and higher momentum. You will learn the difference between what is your intuition and what is fear that is guiding you – being able to differentiate this voice will allow you to move with freedom on all levels of being and without doubt and fear as your guiding light. You will learn to be clear and precise in all things as you are manifesting – which allows you to attract and create exactly what you desire instead of repeating the same things that you do not want.

MODULE 8: Following Your Flow State Frequency


  1. What Is Your Flow State Frequency
  2. How To Direct Your Flow State Frequency
  3. How To Transform Doubt Into Excitement
  4. Resistance and Allowance: Learn How To Dance Between Contrast & Flow


In MODULE 8 you will learn what your flow state frequency is and how to direct it to create your Soul Manifestations. You will learn how to transform doubt that you have into excitement to attract what you want instead of repel it. You will learn the art of dancing with resistance and allowance – using both states of being in order to guide you to higher and higher spheres of creativity, manifestation and actualization upon your path. You will learn where your flow state is leading you and where you are leading it. You will learn where you are following your intuition and guidance and where you resist your dream and how to overcome these challenges and use them to your advantage. You will learn to commit yourself to follow where your inspiration is leading you with full trust, commitment and excitement! No more doubt! Excitement is your key! Learn how to use resistance to what you have currently created to take you to where you want to be. Resistance and allowance are a dance for becoming a Master at manifesting your highest vision – in MMM you will learn how to use both.

MODULE 9: Go For Glory


  1. Be The Victorious One – Choose To Win!
  2. Trust In Your Knowing – Be Your Own Authority


In MODULE 9 you are now in the final stage of completion for gaining all the tools you need to be a master at manifestation – at this point you are locked and loaded ready to BLAZE THE TRAIL! You have everything you need to continue succeeding, expanding, gaining momentum, evolving and enjoying your journey of Soul growth and manifestation. Now you are choosing to win with no plan B’s. You are choosing to go all in on yourself – to higher and higher spheres in each unfolding moment and you are CHOOSING TO WIN! As you choose to win, you are trusting in your knowing and becoming your own authority in your life and all that you create – once you are in this space of being you are AN UNSTOPPABLE FORCE OF NATURE!

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Get ready to be confident in your manifestation mastery in 90 days of full presence and radical aligned action. You will receive my latest book Flow State once you join MMM for further support and guidance during your transformation.
Will you commit to your Highest Vision? Join Master Manifestation Magick online course.