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What you will receive & learn at The Serpent Magick Academy:

  • Anything you desire to manifest that you put off into an imagined “later” immediately takes you away from manifesting your dreams in the Quantum Now Reality. At The Serpent Magick Academy you will learn how to create and manifest your desires in your life NOW, not putting off your dreams for a moment longer.
  • This is the ONLY Manifestation Academy that has NEW and EXCLUSIVE LIFETIME course content in addition to the original 20 + hours of MMM course content original to the Teachings of Phoenix that are unique to her training in Zen, Advaita Vedanta, The Occult Arts and her depth of life experiences.
  • You will learn to clear all doubt, insecurity, limitations, false beliefs and fear in order to RISE into who you desire to become in this life and your Soul Destiny you desire to manifest.
  • You will learn how to Self Inquire with a higher level of vigilance which transforms how you manifest your Highest Visions in The Quantum Now Field.
  • You will learn how to Embody your powers and stop hiding from your own Self as you learn to take higher levels of radical aligned actions every single day.
  • You will learn true confidence and learn to stop making excuses for not being exactly where you want to be.
  • When you choose to enroll today, you choose your Highest Expansion NOW instead of finding a reason why you cannot (x y z) – this immediately begins reprogramming your subconscious for success in the here and now. You are already beginning to transform by making the choice to go towards what you desire.

Investing in yourself and committing to yourSelf 100% is the ONLY way your life can transform into your Highest Vision or into a greater vision. You will learn to access your untapped potential in The Serpent Magick Academy oV Master Manifestation Magick.

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This curriculum is 3 months of 20 + Hours of Content – the beginning stages of your Soul Development in Manifestation Mastery. After the 3 month Initiation you will receive all New and Exclusive content released by Serpent Magick as a Lifetime commitment to your ever rising Self Mastery.

MODULE 1: Why Self Care Matters

Module 1 will reveal to you the depths required in true Self Care in order to understand what it really takes to actualize a fully embodied and Self Actualized life. You will learn how to push the boundaries of your Self Inquiry, in order to stretch yourSelf into new territories of what is necessary to manifest your Highest Vision. Self Care is about your Quality of Being on all levels of your inner and outer experience and you will discover your current limitations and learn to take radical aligned actions in order to transform them to create exactly what you desire.

MODULE 2: How To Think Expansively, Cultivate A Dreaming Space & Actualize Your Highest Vision

Module 2 will teach you to EXPAND beyond where you are accustomed to allowing yourself to think, create and experience. Master Manifestation Magick is based and rooted in LIVING YOUR DREAMS in the here and now while expanding in more Soul Development as you choose your path of evolution. This module is going to show you how to dream bigger than you have ever dreamed before, and how allowing yourself full permission to desire what you desire is a pivotal key in creating your Highest Vision.

MODULE 3: Practical Day To Day Work For Manifestation

Module 3 will assist your process in your Sacred Daily Work which is what creates the momentum for your Highest Visions to manifest through your dedication. You will analyze your own commitment to your manifestations and discover where you have room to grow and expand into a higher level of commitment into your Self Mastery by choosing to show up fully for your Sacred Daily Work that manifests itself most potently through the inspiration you receive. You will address where you are now and where you want to be in your highest manifestation and begin to set a new tone through your new level of commitment to your Sacred Self.

MODULE 4: Money. Manifestation. Magick.

Module 4 is to reveal to you the limitations you have on receiving more wealth in your direct experience now.  You will learn how to discover where you may need to heal in order to receive more wealth in your experience. If you have been stagnant, plateaued, or unhappy with your finances, or simply desire to reach a higher level of wealth in your life, you will learn in this module where you need to expand within your being in order to reach the level of wealth you desire and how to change negative associations that are holding back what you can receive and create for yourself.

MODULE 5: How To Create Altars for Manifestation

Module 5 teaches you the Ancient Ritual of Manifestation through adornment and altar creation which connects you to your Sacred Intuition and opens you to new levels of awareness within your Inner and Outer Temple. This form of Magick is deeply connected to the ancient cultures where this form of manifestation and connection of Spirit was revered and honored. Altar creation will directly reveal to you your connection, wisdom and knowledge of yourSelf and the Universal Energies, how to use them and how they manifest in your reality according to your unique magick formula you are currently using and operating by. 

MODULE 6: Who Are You Really? Knowing & Trusting Your True Self

Module 6 focuses on deep and unwavering Self Trust and Belief to the point that you will go where no one has gone before. This module is about trusting your unique nature that is rooted within knowing who you are and why you are here. You will learn to move as your highest Self and stabilize in your True Embodiment of Self. You will learn to trust your experiences and connect the dots of your life, showing you how you have been led perfectly to now move into your higher calling and Soul Development.

MODULE 7: Manifesting With Clarity, Purpose and Pleasure

Module 7 will take your clarity of being, purpose of manifestation and pleasure of your journey to elevated heights as you focus on Quality of Being and transform limiting patterns within your experience into your Power and Precision.

MODULE 8: Following Your Flow State Frequency

Module 8 is about transmutation of energy and how to direct your Flow State Frequency to go directly towards your highest manifestations with learning how to dance between contrast and flow within your experience.

MODULE 9: Go For Glory

Module 9 will teach you how to be your own authority and how to receive your own wisdom and guidance and take it all the way to your success. This module is about going after what you desire and not giving yourself and backdoors for your Highest Visions to manifest.


This is a lifetime commitment to your Self Mastery and rising into your highest potential on all levels of being.

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“What is my daily time investment in the 3 month course?”


Your daily time investment depends on the level of mastery you wish to attain in your life. If you desire to completely transform your life, you have to look at complete lifestyle changes in order to meet your goal. The more time you invest into yourself, the more rapidly you will able to transform your life. If you enroll in The Serpent Magick Academy for refining your experience, a minimum of two hours daily for homework and radical aligned actions will give you time to actualize your new manifestations.


“Can I enroll if I am working a full time job and desire to transform my life?”


Yes! If you desire to transform your life you must realize that you have to be willing to stretch your capacity to go BEYOND your current self. You can make time and wake up earlier, go to bed later, or reprioritize your day in order to create the space to devote to your transformation. Transformation can only happen when you take BRAND NEW STEPS.


“Why does it cost so much?”


$10,000 is a small price to pay for transformation and investment into actualizing your Soul Manifestations. The question in itself creates a separation between where you are and what you desire – it is a question that is rooted in lack consciousness. There is no limit to how much wealth you can make, in The Serpent Magick Academy you will learn how to remove these limitations which have stopped you from receiving wealth. Payment Plan Options are available to suit your current desires.


“Can I receive personal mentorship during the course?”


Tier 2 & 3 currently are full with waitlist for personal mentorship. What you will discover is the course has a way of answering questions you desire as you move through the work each day. If you have specific questions that you desire to be answered there is an option for email mentorship for those specific questions that arise, the way to book this option is in the course once you enroll.


“I am already a high level entrepreneur/CEO, can this course assist me to gain greater fulfillment in my life?”


Yes! The Serpent Magick Academy is rooted in DEMOLISHING what is not truly your highest path, career or expression of Self. You will go through a process of internal and external alkhemical transformation in order to discover a greater depth to yourSelf and what you desire on a Soul Level to experience within your reality.
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Meet The Serpent Magick Academy Teacher


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Client Testimonials


What Is The Highest Value You Received From MMM?

“Infinite love.”

How did MMM Change Your Life?

“By putting myself in my presence to the universe. By empowering and uplifting my soul irreversibly. By making me aware of my limits so that I can go beyond it and fly free.”

Is there anything else you’d like to share about your experience in MMM?

“MMM is the most intense experience I’ve had, thanks to MMM I was able to face my fears, my doubts, my deepest illusions and turn them into the gold of my infinite freedom with the universe. A magnificent momentum. My life has changed because I have changed. There is before, and after. I thank Phoenix for her unwavering support throughout the process, allowing me to follow the paths of light and shadow in infinite freedom. MMM allowed me to illuminate my inner path towards my soul’s mission, transforming my life in a concrete way. What a blessing! thanks to MMM, for ever.” 

“I also understand what true courage is. It’s not brave to die of love for someone. It’s not brave to stay in a hole of pain for a lifetime, thinking you’re alone in the Universe. It’s not brave to freeze to death. It’s not brave not to dare to believe in yourself. It makes me feel a little pinch in my heart to recognize and see all this, because it lasted more than 50 years, but it’s only a little twinge of ego remnants.”

“I am in the process of building up my real strength, learning to control my fears, my doubts, to recognize them for what they are and to know how to go beyond, cross the reef barrier, to the highest each time. That’s all I learned with you Phoenix.”


What Is The Highest Value You Received From MMM?

“The exponential rise of my self worth which directly equates to my business value. Self acceptance and love within matched without.”

How did MMM Change Your Life?

“Anchored in my source presence. Deep inner alchemical changes that are needed for success in the material world. I’ve cleared doubt and low self esteem to lay the foundation for a limitless and infinite rise in my source mission. Elevated to new heights of consciousness, safety, trust and love.”

Is there anything else you’d like to share about your experience in MMM?

“Samira is one of the most powerful coaches on the planet. No stone is left unturned and her devotion to her work (me as her client) is unprecedented. Her energy takes you to new heights from day 1.”


What Is The Highest Value You Received From MMM?

“A new level of consciousness on all aspects of my life, especially love for my being.”

How did MMM Change Your Life?

“It changed it completely. It showed me the strength I forgot I have, to cut all was keeping me away from my true path, see the life I really want and deserve and go for it, no matter what. It reminded me to not quit my dreams and that a new life is always possible.”

Is there anything else you’d like to share about your experience in MMM?

“If you’re going to attend MMM, stay open and trust fully the process. Let yourself go completely to Samira’s guidance, it’s an opportunity like no one in your life. To commit truly to MMM means commit truly to your being. To listen to your souls dreams and go for them. Maybe it’s the hardest commitment as we’re so used to commit mostly to other people, so that we often forget who we truly are and what we deeply desire. Let MMM open your deepest dreams for you, and show you, you have the strength and capacity to see them accomplished. Attending MMM it’s a gesture of true love toward yourself. As you begin to unlock the love you are, there’s no coming back, only rising in the best version of your life and everyone in your environment. So….take the leap! I have the deepest gratitude to myself, Samira and the universe, that through MMM have allowed me to really see how this wonderful co-creation we call life Can be.”

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