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  • Anything you desire that you put off into an imagined “later” immediately takes you away from manifesting your dreams in the Quantum Now Reality.
  • This is the ONLY manifestation course that has NEW and EXCLUSIVE LIFETIME course content in addition to the original 20 + hours of MMM course content.
  • Receive UNLIMITED daily mentorship (Tier 2 & 3 Only)
  • Learn to clear doubt, insecurity, limitations, false beliefs and fear in order to RISE into who you desire to become.
  • Learn how to Self Inquire which allows you to manifest your Highest Visions.
  • Learn how to be in your power and stop hiding from your own Self.
  • Learn real confidence and learn to stop making excuses for not being where you want to be.
  • By choosing to enroll today, you choose your Highest Expansion NOW instead of finding a reason why you cannot (x y z) – this immediately begins reprogramming your subconscious for success.
  • Investing in yourself is the ONLY way your life can transform.
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MODULE 1: Why Self Care Matters

MODULE 2: How To Think Expansively, Cultivate A Dreaming Space & Actualize Your Highest Vision

MODULE 3: Practical Day To Day Work For Manifestation

MODULE 4: Money. Manifestation. Magick.

MODULE 5: How To Create Altars for Manifestation

MODULE 6: Who Are You Really? Knowing & Trusting Your True Self

MODULE 7: Manifesting With Clarity, Purpose and Pleasure

MODULE 8: Following Your Flow State Frequency

MODULE 9: Go For Glory


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Client Testimonials


What Is The Highest Value You Received From MMM?

“The exponential rise of my self worth which directly equates to my business value. Self acceptance and love within matched without.”

How did MMM Change Your Life?

“Anchored in my source presence. Deep inner alchemical changes that are needed for success in the material world. I’ve cleared doubt and low self esteem to lay the foundation for a limitless and infinite rise in my source mission. Elevated to new heights of consciousness, safety, trust and love.”

Is there anything else you’d like to share about your experience in MMM?

“Samira is one of the most powerful coaches on the planet. No stone is left unturned and her devotion to her work (me as her client) is unprecedented. Her energy takes you to new heights from day 1.”


What Is The Highest Value You Received From MMM?

“A new level of consciousness on all aspects of my life, especially love for my being.”

How did MMM Change Your Life?

“It changed it completely. It showed me the strength I forgot I have, to cut all was keeping me away from my true path, see the life I really want and deserve and go for it, no matter what. It reminded me to not quit my dreams and that a new life is always possible.”

Is there anything else you’d like to share about your experience in MMM?

“If you’re going to attend MMM, stay open and trust fully the process. Let yourself go completely to Samira’s guidance, it’s an opportunity like no one in your life. To commit truly to MMM means commit truly to your being. To listen to your souls dreams and go for them. Maybe it’s the hardest commitment as we’re so used to commit mostly to other people, so that we often forget who we truly are and what we deeply desire. Let MMM open your deepest dreams for you, and show you, you have the strength and capacity to see them accomplished. Attending MMM it’s a gesture of true love toward yourself. As you begin to unlock the love you are, there’s no coming back, only rising in the best version of your life and everyone in your environment. So….take the leap! I have the deepest gratitude to myself, Samira and the universe, that through MMM have allowed me to really see how this wonderful co-creation we call life Can be.”

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