The Rise of Gaia Ladrieh

S E R P E N T | M A G I C K

T H E | V I S I O N

It is the true orbit of my soul’s compass to regenerate the world of exploitation, corruption, and consumption into sacred reverence and respect for all living and breathing life on our planet. This culture has polluted and desecrated the inner temple which now reflects on the way we treat ourselves, one another, and the Earth that is the Mother of us all. We are all the sacred holy temple, it is the way we choose to live and embody our light in this realm.

Serpent Magick is the full honoring of our individual sacred beauty and honoring our temple as royalty in each and every detail. My body is the body of Gaia. In each and every cell I feel her speaking through me, I feel her dancing through me, I feel her as art in my body rising ever upward.

The serpent feels, hears, smells, tastes, senses all seen and unseen. When fear is present the serpent strikes without hesitation. Serpent Magick is the exhalation of Divinities true Light in all forms of embodiment.

Through each breath we are never the same being twice. Each time I see you and you see me, we have lived countless times in between. Shedding, rebirthing thousands of times over.

Throughout time many fear the presence of a serpent, however, it is impossible to deny their beauty for even those who fear this creature. There is medicine here for us all, the medicine when willing to be taken changes the entire spectrum of Light we see. To be struck means to awaken to powers within we were asleep to. This is an honor, if you survive the meeting. This serpent medicine is for those who want to go all the way and willing to do whatever this takes. Serpent Magick is the dedication to Divinity in all of life, a rising of each’s unique spectrum of Light.

The ritual of Serpent Magick is not to be veiled by identity, but to be revealed the true house of God within by our devotion and daily creations. What is seen by each one will vary depending on what aroma each is attracted to.

Serpent Magick is the beauty of detail brought to life through the unseen to seen.

Since the beginning of time – Devotion, Ritual, and Celebratory expression of life as divine beings on our planet has been and is deeply interwoven into the most intimate fabric of our infinite light. Serpent Magick is the Rise of Truth as Sacred expression of Divine Union with the unseen forces which guide us now.

We are here to unveil our Etheric Majesty. As everything seen contains its opposite, Serpent Magick contains the infinite spectrum of the totality. What is seen as dark contains the light, and what is seen as light contains the dark, infinitely dancing to evolve our Highest Rising.

We unveil through honoring the sacred dance of vibration to rise a fire within us. This fire when cultivated and tended to has the opportunity to be struck by lightning and be consumed by this inner holy fire.
Serpent Magick is an honoring of the fire we are. The fire that when ignited will set aflame the phoenix within your chest.

This fire will renew every cell and ignite you with passion that will birth a universe through your newly embodied vessel. What will it take to set you aflame?

What spells lay dormant within you that are the key to unveiling your majesty?

Can we dance in this fire together, spinning this universe into the full honoring of Gaia Ladrieh in her new form which is birthed in her new emanation and glory? Only this can be stirred as each awakens through our true rise from within. From our inner devotion a new world is born, beauty is made sacred and not merely a form of consumerism, but holy and sacred dance. Serpent Magick is the devotion to the beauty of a single leaf, a hand that has been fiercely kissed with the work of magick of timelessness, an altars offering, a face and body adorned with prayers and intent, sculptures of gods and goddesses, architecture which invokes our soul to envision something grander for ourselves and this world, sacred sites which change our consciousness by the presence of their encoded light, the stars-moon-sun-planets and galaxies which turn in perfect alignment with the same energy force that rules the veins in our very blood. Serpent Magick is a bow and reverence to this sacred dance in all forms manifest.

If I could not express myself in all forms that choose to arise in the moment my soul would wither away and die. We are art and life itself wanting to combust each moment. Not to remain in a tiny box of I am this or that. We are all elements, all phases, all seasons, and cycles, each moment I will die and be reborn. Stagnancy is Death. My freedom is in the full unleashed fire of play and expression of the energy rising and falling in and out of each moment. The day I choose to leave this body I will to become a feathered serpent and dance my way through the celestial heavens to my next chosen destination. I will not die from allowing energy to stay within me and take me to my grave. I will release it all in full honor of the divine dance, no matter what form chooses to embody as Hadit’s motion.

The soul of the universe runs through your veins now. Know this to awaken your highest embodiment in this very moment. Be daring to do what frightens you most. Be courageous to unveil yourself to your very own inner sanctum.

Serpent Magick is born from my devotion to the Divine, to my love of writing unto the Beloved alone, to the adoration of ritual beauty and adornment, to the essence of soul I see in my traveling explorations of Gaia Ladrieh and to the celebration and union of this majesty in all forms which connect with my energy. 

Through our reverence for the sacred and divine in us all Serpent Magick has Risen.

S E R P E N T | M A G I C K